Content Creation

Understanding What “High Quality Content” Means

Content continues to be the currency of choice as it pertains to online value, working to maintain a forefront position on any given search engine. Which is something companies around the globe all clamber for; that top position on Google. That once meant that the smaller fish in the online world would have to swim

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The Effective Nature of Branding with Digital Marketing

Whether you are a grassroots company just starting out, or are an established company that has been around for years, branding your business is a lifelong journey one must embark on with feverish delight. Although a lot of businesses are still confused as to what branding should look like – especially when it comes to

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Why Blogging for Your Business Matters

Blogging for your business has become almost as important for your digital marketing efforts as having a website itself. What’s a blog? Quite simply it’s an area of your website to add regular postings, newsletters, special announcements, or any other newsworthy info. A blog is a great area of your website to organize lots of

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Employing Long-Game Digital Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Payoff

Our modern society is fueled by “fast food mentality”, meaning that we often look for the fastest solutions and results possible for any given “hunger”. However, in business it is important to ensure your company is investing time and money for long enough so that the investment actually has time to take off. Especially in

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Web design

Read-Worthy Content

Knowing what type of content to write for your blog can sometimes be a bit of a quandary. Not only can a blog assist in your Search Engine Optimization agenda, but it can also be a resource that your customers refer to …based on the valuable information provided within it. The content writers at Net360

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Online digital marketing

Show, Don’t Tell

Marketing “ploys” are riddled with catch phrases and reasons why you MUST HAVE such and such an item, or why such and such a service is MUCH BETTER than their competitors’. However, in today’s marketplace of savvy consumers, they no longer buy into fluff such as this. They don’t want to be told why your

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Digital Story Telling

Tell A Story, Gain An Audience, Collect A Customer

In the game of Monopoly, if you pass Go – you collect $200. In the real world, converting an action into a (positive) reaction isn’t always as simple, especially when it comes to converting an online viewer into an actual customer. What’s In It For Me Whether it’s traditional marketing or digital marketing, humans all

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Blog Content Creation

Creative Content Not Lost to a Digital World

At Net360 Solutions, we understand that creative content counts for a lot where Google – as well as readers – are concerned. Blogs that offer “searchable” key phrases to increase your SEO content, in addition to interesting topics that hold a readers interest, combined with providing valuable information for your viewing audience …is all imperative

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Rate of Investment – What is Online Content Really Worth?

Content teams at the head offices of corporate giants, scramble daily to maintain the lead role on “the Google”. Online marketing gurus worldwide, all clamber to keep up with the ever-changing rules of Google, to ensure they maintain top spot on a daily basis of this search engine mogul. From optimization of websites, to social

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The Marketing of Content

There are mixed opinions as to whether or not people read what’s on any given website. We can tell that kind of information by how long any visitor stays on a page – knowing how much content that page contains, and converting that info into actual data. That is why having concise content is key

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