Why Blogging With Purpose Matters for Your Business

The word “blog” is a bit baffling to some. It seems like something the younger generations are doing in their spare time to chat up their travels, discuss their latest dining choices, or reveal the top fashion trends of the season.  Although there are blogs for personal purposes – such as

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Content Marketing Updates You Will Want to Know for Your Business

Online marketing is an ever-changing platform of numbers and letters combined. From Google analytics to shifting social media strategies, there is always something new being presented if you’re going to stay on top of the World Wide Web. Net 360 Solutions would like to inform our readers about the ‘Content

The Age-Old Art of Storytelling, With a Modern Twist

We live in a world where we are marketed to all the time from all directions. Regardless of if you are driving in your car listening to the radio, at home watching the news, reading an email from a co-worker or walking down the street minding your own business –

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Why Quality Copywriting Matters for Your Website

Website copy, regardless of if it’s written for your home page, your about page or your blog, is intended to provide persuasive communication that prompts a call to action. Without that action, your website is simply a static conglomeration of pages offering little to help your business gain the customers

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Understanding What “High Quality Content” Means

Content continues to be the currency of choice as it pertains to online value, working to maintain a forefront position on any given search engine. Which is something companies around the globe all clamber for; that top position on Google. That once meant that the smaller fish in the online

The Effective Nature of Branding with Digital Marketing

Whether you are a grassroots company just starting out, or are an established company that has been around for years, branding your business is a lifelong journey one must embark on with feverish delight. Although a lot of businesses are still confused as to what branding should look like –

Why Blogging for Your Business Matters

Blogging for your business has become almost as important for your digital marketing efforts as having a website itself. What’s a blog? Quite simply it’s an area of your website to add regular postings, newsletters, special announcements, or any other newsworthy info. A blog is a great area of your

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Read-Worthy Content

Knowing what type of content to write for your blog can sometimes be a bit of a quandary. Not only can a blog assist in your Search Engine Optimization agenda, but it can also be a resource that your customers refer to …based on the valuable information provided within it.

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Show, Don’t Tell

Marketing “ploys” are riddled with catch phrases and reasons why you MUST HAVE such and such an item, or why such and such a service is MUCH BETTER than their competitors’. However, in today’s marketplace of savvy consumers, they no longer buy into fluff such as this. They don’t want

Digital Story Telling

Tell A Story, Gain An Audience, Collect A Customer

In the game of Monopoly, if you pass Go – you collect $200. In the real world, converting an action into a (positive) reaction isn’t always as simple, especially when it comes to converting an online viewer into an actual customer. What’s In It For Me Whether it’s traditional marketing

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