The word “blog” is a bit baffling to some. It seems like something the younger generations are doing in their spare time to chat up their travels, discuss their latest dining choices, or reveal the top fashion trends of the season. 

Although there are blogs for personal purposes – such as those; in the business world, blogs are intended for a much greater purpose.

So – what IS the business purpose of a blog?

  • Conversions (converting readers into buyers)
  • Revenue Boost
  • Call to Action
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Improving Customer Relations

When created correctly, a blog is a powerful tool that can bolster your business in the above variety of ways, which Net 360 Solutions is here to help break down!

Improving Your Rate of Conversion

A “conversion rate” is how many people make a call to action on your site.

Having a clear, concise message the moment readers land on your website, is important for your conversation rate. And your blog is no different. 

The intention of a blog should be quickly apparent to readers, with the main takeaway being offered within the first two paragraphs.

In addition to a clear message – you can also improve your conversation rate by:

1.     Having as few fields as possible when requesting information – such as asking people to sign up for your newsletter or promotions

2.     Adding a guarantee – a full money back guarantee makes people feel safe to buy your product or service without risk

3.     Using testimonials so buyers know what other buyers have said

4.     Clearly state the benefits of your product or service

5.     Offering video content for your brand, displaying your product or service in an easy-to-consume manner

Also, be sure to keep your content engaging so readers are curious to come back often!

Boosting Your Revenue Online

Promoting your product or service online can help you turn your business into a revenue generating company – which is clearly the purpose of any business. 

One way to promote your products or service is by writing about their benefits, and offering links to further expand on those details.

Also, create a clear call to action, frequently offering a place to buy or sign up for a service.

Creating Brand Awareness and Action-Based Results (Inbound Marketing)

Inbound Marketing is defined on Wikipedia as: … a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding.”

The key to do this within a blog, is to inform and educate. Your blog shouldn’t be “salesy” – that will not be received well. Instead, help people understand why your product or service can help enhance their life; be authentic and create value.

Becoming an expert in your business sector will help you stand out amongst the competition, and using your blog as a way to help others effectively will assist you in arriving at that expert level!

Increase Your Ranking on Search Engines

Fuelling your blog content with optimized phrases and keywords, which your audience might be using to find your company, is imperative. In doing so, it can increase your ranking on search engines such as Google, helping you build your authority, brand and business accordingly.

Blogging is a great way to help your business grow in all the aforementioned ways, positively impacting your bottom dollar through leads, brand awareness and actionable buying habits. 

Curious to see how a blog can work for your business? Net 360 Solutions is here to help you with all of the above – locally, affordably, and with the intent to help you grow. Contact us HERE for a FREE website evaluation and cost analysis to help your business and brand move forward!