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Create a Digital Marketing Strategy that Works for Your Fall Objectives

As we move into fall, a lot of businesses are looking at their marketing strategy and wondering how they should approach the upcoming months, especially with uncertain business practices implemented by health authorities. Net 360 Solutions, SEO services & web design in Langley is here to help alleviate your online marketing concerns, addressing how to

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Target Audience Web Marketing

Uncover Your Target Audience and Speak in a Tone They Recognize

As mentioned in our blog post ‘Create a Digital Marketing Strategy that Works for Your Fall Objectives’; your target audience matters to your business as they are the end users. But so too does speaking their language in order to appeal to your demographic and their buying habits. Know Who You’re Speaking To All the

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Website Design Langley

Affordable Website Design & Re-Designs Packages to Bolster Business

Are you seeking ways to build your business over the summer months? Your website should be one of the first places to look, ensuring it is user-friendly, mobile-ready, and properly optimized in order to be found by your customers. Just a few digital marketing methods that Net 360 Solutions can help you with, offering ‘Affordable

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web marketing company langley

Two Lasting Digital Marketing Trends Not to Be Overlooked

To say a ‘trend’ is ‘lasting’ might seem like a conflict in terms, but as various digital marketing methods role out year after year (or even within each year), some are tweaked, and some are traded in for better ways of doing business online. That being said, these are the ‘Two Lasting Digital Marketing Trends

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Make Your Business Sizzle This Summer with These Online Tools

Perhaps you’ve been out of touch with your customers for the past few months as your doors have been shut to the public during the pandemic. Or perhaps you have been trying to manage pivoting your business in BC, in order to align your company with the new health regulations and safety mandates set out

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As BC Begins Re-Opening – Ensure Your Business is Digital Market Ready!

With BC slowly re-opening a variety of businesses, now is a great time to prepare your company. Everything from website updates to ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and social media ready, as well as blog/newsletter announcements to inform your customers of what your re-opening plan looks like and the in-store procedures to expect. There are

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The Cost and Time Saving Measures of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Seeking a one-stop-shop for all your in-house marketing needs? Before you do, we want to encourage you to evaluate the cost and time saving measures of outsourcing your digital marketing needs, and what that decision might mean for your business.  When it Comes to Digital Marketing – One Size Does NOT Fit All Digital marketing

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