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Say it With Video Marketing this Christmas

Looking to get your message across to potential customers in a quick and effective way this holiday season? Join one of the fastest-growing online marketing tools and say it with video marketing this Christmas! Display Personality and Create a Positive Presence with Video Marketing Many businesses across the Lower Mainland

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Two Lasting Digital Marketing Trends Not to Be Overlooked

To say a ‘trend’ is ‘lasting’ might seem like a conflict in terms, but as various digital marketing methods roll out year after year (or even within each year), some are tweaked, and some are traded in for better ways of doing business online. That being said, these are the

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Why Video Marketing Matters to Your Buying Audience

There are some really great reasons why businesses should include video marketing into their digital marketing plans for 2020 …and the top 5 reasons include: Video Marketing Boosts Conversions and Creates Sales Video Marketing Offers a Great Return On Your Investment Video Marketing Builds Trust in Consumers and Bolsters SEO

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Upload a Video Marketing Plan for Your Business in 2020

With 2022 just around the corner and most fiscal business years along with it, now is a great time to begin thinking about your marketing budget. Although we fully understand that the Christmas holidays can be a busy time, and adding another “to-do” to the list might seem unbearable; taking

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How To Get Your Message Across Quickly With Video Marketing

Today’s consumers are busy savvy shoppers. They are not easily sold on a product or service simply by using a lot of fancy descriptive words or appropriately places punctuation. Rather, they are looking to utilize businesses that are often local, socially conscious, and can quickly tell them “what’s in it

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Video Marketing for Small Businesses in 3 Easy Steps!

A lot of times small business shy away from video marketing thinking that it will be too costly or too time-consuming – but neither needs to be the case. In fact, we wanted to share with our reading audience these creative tips on how to create ‘Video Marketing for Small

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The Effective Nature of Video Marketing

Knowing which digital marketing tool to utilize to maximize your brand exposure can be a bit of a conundrum, but the effective nature of video marketing is truly something that is hard to beat. Despite its popularity among the population as a whole, video marketing continues to be something that

How Can Video Marketing Help Grow My Business

In the digital marketing arena here in 2016, video marketing is still being largely underutilized by businesses, and for a variety of reasons. Which is why, at Net 360 Solutions, we wanted to help business owners better understand the advantages of video marketing and how you can begin reaching a

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