Perhaps you’ve been out of touch with your customers for the past few months as your doors have been shut to the public during the pandemic. Or perhaps you have been trying to manage pivoting your business in BC, in order to align your company with the new health regulations and safety mandates set out by the province. Whatever you’ve been tackling during Covid-19, as it pertains to your business, now is the time to act in ways that can help create exposure for your company, while maximizing on the public re-emerging from their homes – ready to patronize their local community of businesses.

With so many online tools that can help your business sizzle this summer (and all the seasons beyond that), Net 360 Solutions wanted to break them down for you to better understand.

Some of the unsung heroes include – encouraging and managing reviews, creating Google-friendly content, as well as email marketing. While staple digital marketing musts still include blogging, social media content, video marketing and mobile-friendly websites.

These are individual topics we have blogged about in the past, and we highlighted each of them below for your quick consumption!


Ensuring your customers know where to write their reviews, is an important part in spreading the word about your business. Here are a few options for you to choose from as it pertains to effective review platforms…

  • Google Search
  • Google Business Pages
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Your Company Website
  • Yelp

Reaching potential customers is vital for most companies – big and small, and when setting yourself up against the competition, staying on top of your digital marketing methods is vital to staying current in the marketplace.

As such, online Influencers can also play a part in reviews, and as we blogged about in our ‘Uncover the Influence of Influencers for Your Business’ post, any business can utilize this service through a variety of local influencers.


Overall, Google Marketing tops the list when it comes to marketing your business. Whether being a part of Google Business in order to have a link to your website, offer directions and provide reviews, or spearheading active SEO initiatives to increase your likelihood of being on the first page of Google, the keyword is – Google presence!

Plus – did you know that Google is actually less costly than most traditional marketing? Digital marketing has swooped in and created real time marketing abilities, with verifiable data on what is working best for your business, and no longer keeps you in the dark on what your customers are “more likely” to do – because we can verify what they ARE doing.

This also makes Google an effective platform to market your business, brand your company, and increase your sales based on customers being able to find you more easily than say – your competition.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that gets results. In fact, email and e-newsletter marketing are considered the second most effective tool for generating conversions, just behind SEO. 

Email Marketing Can Also Help You…

  • Generate business from new or existing clients
  • Raise company awareness 
  • Build great client relations.

Our Email Marketing Services Include:

  • Custom website form(s)
  • E-marketing review & strategy
  • Monthly management
  • Tracking statistics & reports

Other imperative online tools to be mindful of include:

Blogging – When created correctly, a blog is a powerful tool that can bolster your business in the above variety of ways, which Net 360 Solutions is here to help break down!

Social Media Marketing – Having a “lively” social media presence is important. Not only does it convey to people your personality, it also allows your community to see you are present and involved.

Video Marketing – Video marketing is a quick and easy way to consume information for buyers. Whether promoting your products or displaying a service, people love video content – and it is a proven method in helping convert browsers into buyers. 

Mobile-Friendly Website Redesign – Your website plays a massive role in the face of your company, as it is often the first-place customers will go to review your products and services. As such, it is important to keep your website current, mobile-friendly and appealing to the many modern buyers out there.

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Net 360 Solutions is a local business located in Langley who has helped hundreds of companies grow their business online. We provide online business solutions that include digital marketing, social media marketing, website design and reputation management, and we look forward to helping your business re-emerge and/or re-invent itself with these tools this summer!