There are some really great reasons why businesses should include video marketing into their digital marketing plans for 2020 …and the top 5 reasons include:

  1. Video Marketing Boosts Conversions and Creates Sales
  2. Video Marketing Offers a Great Return On Your Investment
  3. Video Marketing Builds Trust in Consumers and Bolsters SEO Efforts
  4. Video Marketing is Mobile-Friendly Content that Consumers Love
  5. Video Marketing Offers You an Easy Way to Provide Social Media Content

Video Marketing – Conversion & Sales

Video marketing is a quick and easy way to consume information for buyers. Whether promoting your products or displaying a service, people love video content – and it is a proven method in helping convert browsers into buyers. 

Video Marketing – ROI

At the end of the day, every business wants to see a return on their marketing investment. Video marketing is an affordable way to actually trace your conversions, and your ROI along with it.

Video Marketing – Builds Customer Trust and is Google Friendly

Google loves videos, and what Google loves – Google gets, as it helps with SEO efforts, which counts for a lot.

Not only that, but building trust in your customers, through the visual element of video, is the best way to brand your business. Often times you don’t have the chance to build customer relationships – and this is where video marketing comes in to help lend a face and a voice to your company.

Video Marketing – Mobile Friendly Content that Consumers Want

Appealing to your end-buyer is what any marketing initiative is made for; and video marketing is no exception. It delivers quickly consumable content that buyers love, helping them make their buying decisions quickly.

Video Marketing – Social Media Content at Your Fingertips

Everyone business wants social media content that has the ability to go viral, and videos top the list for such content.

Although there isn’t a science to viral content, video content is still your best bet for social media interactions and conversions, and is an affordable way to potentially “strike it rich” on your social media platforms.

Our Video Marketing Services Include:

  • Pre-production consultation
  • On-site filming
  • Post editing
  • File uploading

At Net 360 Solutions, we would be happy to provide you with our Video Marketing services, starting at only $895. Make a difference to your digital marketing efforts this year, and allow us to show you the impact video marketing can make to your business!