The Power of Reviews

Some company’s provide a “try before you buy” in-store offer, helping customers feel more confident about their purchase before they commit. 

However, when it comes to online shopping, such an offer becomes more difficult – if not impossible. Which is where reviews come in to help verify products and services alike, giving potential customers the knowledge they need to commit to their online purchases, with similar confidence as the “try before you buy” enticing method.

Reviews are the New Word-of-Mouth

In the past, businesses often depended on people spreading the word about their products or services through real time interactions. This was often the only marketing they had before advertising became such an imperative part in doing business.

Today, we largely use social media review platforms to spread the word from person to person. These online mediums can be a powerful way to market to a lot of people in a very short amount of time, while offering businesses an affordable method in which to do so.

Where to Find Online Review Opportunities

Ensuring your customers know where to write their review is also an important part in spreading the word, and here are a few options for your to choose from…

  • Google Search
  • Google Business Pages
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Your Company Website
  • Yelp

Reaching potential customers is vital for most companies – big and small, and when setting yourself up against the competition, staying on top of your digital marketing methods is vital to staying current in the marketplace.

Reviews Via Influencers 

Online Influencers can also play a part in reviews, and as we blogged about in our ‘Uncover the Influence of Influencers for Your Business’ post, any business can utilize this service through a variety of local influencers.

Although many people shy away from using any type of review system as they worry about poor reviews, the truth is – is modern day consumers are savvy, and they will seek out multiple reviews and the responses to them before making buying decisions. 

Alternately, not having reviews can look poorly on your business, almost as though you’re “hiding” what people have to say about your company. So embrace the powerful medium of reviews, ensure you’re responding to them – to both good and bad, and see for yourself how reviews can work for your business!