Why Quality Copywriting Matters for Your Website

Website copy, regardless of if it’s written for your home page, your about page or your blog, is intended to provide persuasive communication that prompts a call to action. Without that action, your website is simply a static conglomeration of pages offering little to help your business gain the customers it wants. But that shouldn’t be the case, which is ‘Why Quality Copywriting Matters for Your Website’.

What Is ‘Quality’ Comprised Of?

As with any conversation, you want what is being said within your content to be engaging, informative and to the point. When it comes to website copy – that’s the type of ‘quality’ you need to aim towards; saying as much as possible with the least about of words.

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word

Saying ‘as much as possible with the least about of words’, involves skill and marketing know-how, creating a flow of minimal words that persuades your audience towards your product or service. This can also be done through videos and images, and is an incredibly effective way to add tone, texture and personality to any website.

Keeping Your Tone Consistent Across All Platforms

Your online voice is the face of your company. Just as a receptionist or store clerk welcomes in customers, so too should your website offer a “friendly face” that invites people in to your place of online business.

Having a scattered tone from page to page can give potential customers a weird impression of your business, almost like a customer service rep that doesn’t have the answers to a customer’s questions.

Whether on your website or within your social media, maintaining the same tone and personality throughout all of your platforms allows your clients to get a sense of who you are, trust your brand and proceed with their buying decisions accordingly. Don’t send your customers away with mixed messages, find your voice or hire someone – such as Net 360 Solutions – to keep your tone humming in harmony from page to page, platform to platform, and see the difference it can make to your buying audience.

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