Content Creation

Content continues to be the currency of choice as it pertains to online value, working to maintain a forefront position on any given search engine. Which is something companies around the globe all clamber for; that top position on Google.

That once meant that the smaller fish in the online world would have to swim upstream harder and faster, as they competed against moguls who had the finances to implement a lot of content – but there is good news for small businesses. This is no longer the race that needs to be won, and why Net 360 Solutions wants to help you with ‘Understanding What “High Quality Content” Means’!

First of all, allow us to explain what quality content isn’t
– It isn’t the length of your content
– It isn’t the visual esthetics or style format of your content
– It isn’t seemingly being the expert in your field
– It isn’t even the “readability” of your content

Although these areas are important, the basis for quality content might not be what one would expect.

High Quality Content Requires – Positive Data
Is your content converting into driving traffic to other pages within your Website or social media outlets? Is it showing engagement, resulting in your audience staying on any given webpage more than seconds? Does it generate leads and lead to a call to action?

Your data should display a positive CTR (click-through rate), your social media sites should show engagement, and your blogs should show a large percentage of traffic. All of this is known as “positive date” and makes up quality content.

High Quality Content Involves Results Driven Marketing
Also, it is important to have digital marketing goals in place. This will help your business specifically collect and measure the success of your online efforts.

Whether they include generating additional exposure, ways to increase rankings, ramping up engagement, or creating conversions through online conversations – only you will know what matters most for your business. Once you do, you can then relay that to your marketing company to effectively implement on our behalf.

High Quality Content Includes Social Media Engagement
Apart from a heavy-up on affordable and effective social media ads, you want content on your social media sites – such as Facebook, that prompts your popularity to grow.

Viral content is the pinnacle, and will cause people to follow you organically. Although you don’t want to use hype to help make people click on your posts, emotional triggers tend to be the catch-all that achieves engagement at a high level, which equals quality content.

Overall, quality content is not exactly about input, but rather about a lot of output. Creative content that is optimized for engagement, causing people to sit up, take notice and start interacting in a way that will create a noticeable return on your investment.

If you are ready for Net 360 Solutions to help you harness these objectives, give us a call. We are locally focussed, results driven, and ready to serve your needs!