How Blogging Can Help Your Website Rank Better on Google

Rank Better on Google

Looking to rank better on Google? Blogging can help, and Net 360 Solutions would like to explain how!

How Blogging Can Help Your Website Rank Better on Google

When your web pages are optimized, your website becomes more visible for people using search engines – such as Google, to find your service or products. Here’s how…

Organic Click-Through Rate

A blog, in part, is intended to give a voice to your brand. But it can also add in relevant keywords and phrases to you page, assisting in an organic click-through rate.

For example; if you run a dog grooming business and a potential customer Googles “dog grooming for poodles in Langley” – having a blog post that speaks to this, has the potential of showing up in your Google search. 

Not only does this assist in your business being found by a potential customer, but Google also loves seeing website visitors coming in through various platforms, which helps with your SEO overall!

Internal Links

Linking one page to another, within your website, helps customers quickly click through to their intended end goal.  This helps convert ‘window shoppers’ into actually customers. This also helps search engines – such as Google, figure out how your site is organized.

These are just a couple of examples as to how blogging can help your website rank better on Google. But a blog also aims to  build trust, boost sales, gain leads, and improve your search engine optimization overall. Net 360 Solutions is here to help with all of the above!

Blog, Digital & Social Content

As discussed on our social media content page

Search engines like Google are driven by content, and in the world of digital the expression ‘content is king’ still rings true after many many years. What has changed thought is the need for better quality content. Google loves consistent fresh QUALITY content, and nothing less. Our expert local writers provide our clients with quality content loved by both consumers and search engines alike!

Curious to know more? If your website is in need of quality content – click here for a quote, or feel free to contact us to learn more!

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