Why You Should Begin Your Christmas Social Media Marketing in November

Christmas Social Media Marketing

Starting your Christmas social media marketing in November can be a strategic decision for several reasons, which we want to help our reading audience understand!

Why You Should Begin Your Christmas Social Media Marketing in November

Although Costco begins to market Christmas in the summer, there does tend to be a more appropriate time to roll out the reminders for the season. We feel November is that ‘right time’ for local businesses – and here’s why.

The Right Amount of Anticipation

When it comes to small businesses, serving the community with authentic care plays a big part. Which often means that your approach has to be more focused on the customer experience vs the cash-grab. Big businesses do not create that feel good sense of community. But as a local business, you have the opportunity to share in the spirit of the season of giving – building the right amount of anticipation during November, when many people begin their Christmas shopping.

Healthy Competitive Comparison

Although some mind find November still too early to begin promoting Christmas, ensuring you have a competitive advantage – or at the very least, a competitive comparison, will help ensure you’re able to offer those who wish to do their shopping early,  the opportunity to buy local.

Content Build-Up & Promotion Countdowns

Planning your social media content ahead of time is crucial. It gives you more time to create high-quality, engaging content.

Creating a countdown to Christmas can be a powerful marketing strategy too, generating excitement and engagement over a more extended period.

Beginning your Christmas social media marketing in November allows you to build a healthy level anticipation – and we can help through our Social Media Campaigns & Ads.

Social Media Campaigns & Ads

As discussed on our social media marketing page

Unlike traditional mass advertising that can be costly and non-targeted, social media advertising is a hyper-direct way to reach the audience you want, and at a budget you can afford. Getting started is easy and quick. In no time you can be engaging with consumers, and driving traffic to your business!

Why advertise your business on social media?

  • Puts your business directly in front of your target audience
  • A low cost advertising platform to reach the targeted masses
  • Increased quality traffic to your website and social channels
  • Increases your social media presence & builds social followers
  • Provides valuable customer insights via a robust collection of user data