Whether you are a grassroots company just starting out, or are an established company that has been around for years, branding your business is a lifelong journey one must embark on with feverish delight.

Although a lot of businesses are still confused as to what branding should look like – especially when it comes to their branding initiatives within the digital marketing arena. And that’s where the immediate mistake lies. Branding should not represent a “look like”, it should harness a “feel like”.

So …What Is Branding?

The concept of “branding” is to create a feeling within your potential customer base about your company, and it’s product or services. Your brand is basically your company’s personality, and whichever logo you have chosen to represent your company, it should prompt a feeling in those who look upon it.

Because …Logo’s Have Feelings Too!

As static as you may think your online presence is, nothing should be further from the truth.

Your digital marketing branding initiative is very likely the single most important aspect of your business to your modern buying audience. Your website, blog, and/or social media page(s) will – more often than not – be the first place people go to research your company, locate your business, check for sales and promotions, and just get an overall sense of who you are and why they should use you over “them” (your competition).

So ensure your logo is a symbol of “feel good” prompting, backed by branding that envelops said feelings. So when people see your company name, it comes with the right feeling and ends in the right results – turning onlookers into customers.

Modern Marketing vs. Old School Selling
Modern marketing methods are about relationship building. People no longer want to be “sold” on a product or service; they want to feel good about their buying decisions. Marketing lends itself more to lifestyle choices, offering greater ease, comfort, and a sense of wellbeing for consumers – so how you present your product or service should be reflective in this to appeal to the demographic and psychographics of your intended consumer.

At Net 360 Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing effective solutions for our customers. Our locally operated business reflects upon a local-minded audience who wish to build their brand and business therein, with impeccable relationship building methods and a “how can I help you” mentality.

So tell us …how can we help YOU?!