Responsive Website design

Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Imperative

Did you know that the online world is only 2 decades old? Created in 1997, the inter-web is used by the masses to research, purchase, play and stay in touch with the world, and is merely in its early adulthood of creations – which is why mobile sites are still

Online Audience

How Not To Lose Your Online Audience Over the Summer Months

For a variety of service-oriented businesses in the Lower Mainland, summer can lend itself to a booming season for sales, while for others can experience a complete lull and downward turn in business. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is important to know ‘How Not To Lose Your

Marketing Material

Why You Need to Keep Your Digital Marketing Fresh

Digital marketing delivers a variety of platforms that are always in flux. Whether it’s your social media sites where you are offering to-the-minute promotions, your email marketing campaigns that are deliver product and service advice, or your actual website that provides newly updated blogs and other such Google-worthy content, digital

keys to digital marketing

5 Tips to Make Your Digital Marketing Sizzle!

Digital marketing is one of the most popular (and dare we say – effective!) methods for being seen in today’s marketplace. Whether individuals are Googling your address, scouring your blog for a better understanding of your company, or checking out the promotions on your social media sites – digital marketing

Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Platforms

As Spring is well under way, businesses and individuals alike are busy working on many renewed online marketing ideas. Which is why Net 360 Solutions wanted to offer these tips on why and how you can continue to ‘Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Platforms’. Spring Clean Your Website Having a

Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

Digital marketing strategies change quickly in the online world, making it difficult for businesses to stay current. Although online marketing tools – such as Facebook for Business – has made part of digital marketing practices easier to gain customers, the “rules of engagement” are consistently changing with market demands, and

Creating an Effective Website for 2017

Having a website is one thing, but creating an effective website for 2017 is an entirely different thing altogether. What is the difference you ask? Allow us to explain… Static Website vs. Interactive Website A lot of companies will put up a “landing page” style website, which offers a simple

Top 2 Digital Marketing Tools for the Holidays

Capitalizing on the holiday season is a common practice for business owners as it is often a peak season for all, and with so many ways to promote your business to the right buying audience, it can sometimes be difficult to know which marketing tools will have your company recognized

What Business Owners Need to Know About Online Marketing

Online marketing can seem like another added “to-do” for a lot of business owners already running the majority of their company’s operations, so creating an online presence gets put off, or a simple basic website is created but never added or attended to. Depending on what a business owner wants

The Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy for Each Season

The online world has made it easier than ever for businesses big and small to streamline their marketing strategies. However, this streamlined simplicity can also come with complacency if you’re not careful, and the importance of a digital marketing strategy for each season could easily pass a business owner by

How To Increase Your Online Presence for 2017

Most businesses are well on their way to establishing a marketing plan for 2017, and as the go-to Digital Marketing company in Langley serving the Lower Mainland, Net 360 Solutions aims to help you spearhead the digital marketing portion of your agenda and inform your on how to increase your

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