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The Face of Digital Media for 2015

  Although it might seem like we just declared a “happy new year!” for 2014, now is the time to be thinking about 2015 as it pertains to your digital marketing agenda. Although it might be difficult to forecast what new types of media might emerge between now and then,

The Consistent Nature of Change

  The industrial revolution marked the beginnings of what was to be rampant change. In present day 2014, change is the consistent we know we can depend on, and the learning curve is endless. From buying habits, to marketing agendas, to technology and how it’s implemented in the aforementioned habits

Digital Marketing …Worthwhile Trends

Marketing usually requires a lot of time, effort and financial backing. However, with digital marketing you can now sidestep a lot of the hefty costs usually involved with traditional marketing, so long as you know where to put your efforts, and how to apply them.   As with any type

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Waiting on Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation…

As of July 1,2014 the CASL (or Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) will come into effect, and in the following post we are going to discuss how that will change the way individuals and businesses alike conduct their online endeavors. Digital marketing is full of unscrupulous individuals who will rip off your

Redirecting the Spotlight

We completely understand that outlining your products and services are key components to your online content. Having a crisp, clear, and eye-catching description of what it is you offer is vital – yes. When we say “redirecting the spotlight”, we simply mean that you need to take the spotlight off of

BE The Trend …you want to see

Trends tend to be, well …trendy. They come and go and few have lasting power. However, creating a trend -even for a limited amount of time- is an excellent way to generate great exposure. And with the viral nature of social media, your trend has the potential to spread like

Marketing Efforts – Aligned!

Okay, so now you have done a lot of the “metaphorical” heavy lifting and foot work, now it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of strategy, including creating your online content and analytics. Perhaps those words aren’t familiar to you, and that’s fine – this is where

Internal Conversations, for Online Conversions

Having a conversation with your subsequent managers and staff, will help you better define what your customers have been asking for (specific products, types of services, coupons, -or Groupon-type discounts-, discounts, customer loyalty cards etc.), and then help you aptly target your online approach. Armed with this knowledge, you can

Digital Media

Your website is your first point of contact in the digital arena for your clients or pending clients to view your business. A website offers an online place-of-business for people to come, look, read, and experience your product or service in a way they can -ideally- experience. Firstly, one should

Online Promotion …timing is everything

Online promotions are a great way to build an audience and create some viral material surrounding –said- promotion. Choosing an optimal buying time is also key in this process. No matter if you are a local company, or sell to a global marketplace, your online presence can bring you customers.

Give Back …Get Back

From Safeway to Petro Canada, Chapters to Starbucks …everyone seems to have a loyalty program. Loyalty programs tell your customers that you appreciate the fact that they choose to buy from your store, and you offer them a reward in return. But there is a variety of ways for small

Boost Your SEO …with social media

Did you know that 85% of your online presence is dependent on “organic links”. Meaning, when people filter into your site through another means such as social media outlets …Google takes note. As a business owner, the message most SEO company’s will drive home to you is that you need

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