The industrial revolution marked the beginnings of what was to be rampant change. In present day 2014, change is the consistent we know we can depend on, and the learning curve is endless.

From buying habits, to marketing agendas, to technology and how it’s implemented in the aforementioned habits and agendas …change is a considerable factor – one that needs to be kept abreast of for corporate giants and small companies alike.

The way the western consumers are won is no longer about who can create the flashiest ads, but rather who can create a brand experience that invites consumers in and doesn’t coerces them into buying.

In addition, multiple channels are being used to reiterate the branding message from digital portals. Everything from a morning check in to social media sites, to depending on news feeds that a consumer has opted into for the juiciest tidbit on useful trends and topics, to email lists passing along worthwhile coupons and discounts …that circle right back to social media site where consumers are sharing all this worthwhile information.

Your digital marketing agenda is to create a feeling, and follow that up with answers to a variety of problems or concerns before the consumer even needs to pose them in person. Individuals want to be a click-away from the information they need to know to purchase your product or service. With a mobile device constantly in hand, this is the quickest and easiest way for consumers to make their buying decisions …and being part of that process is paramount.

Gone are the days of being spoken TO by marketers, rather it’s all about sharing in a discussion. Being informative while walking the fine-line of being entertaining too. Using pop culture as a platform for great ideas. Things like requesting a “selfie” from your audience for “such and such a contest” on your Facebook page, or asking your consumers to share what types of coupons or discounts would most benefit them. This type of involvement creates a sense of inclusion, and develops a relationships with current and potential buyers alike.

Engaging with your audience is what is working in the marketing arena in a big way. Don’t get left behind with stale marketing tactics …rather embrace the now, and allow Net360 Solutions to help you implement ways in which you can best attract, maintain, and increase your buying audience.

We look forward to helping you effectively run this race of change!