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There seems to be a never-ending stream of trending topics on various social media forums at all times. So we thought we would discuss what makes a topic “trending” and how a business owner can benefit from joining the popularity pool.

What is a Trending Topic

First of all, trending topics are popular videos, memes, or links to interesting content that has gone viral. Viral meaning: people are sharing it among themselves on their social media site(s), as are their friends, as are their friends’ friends, etc.

Clearly you want your post to be trendy, but no one hits the jackpot all the time. In fact – some never hit it at all, as there is no exact science to what makes something trending.

How to Be the Trending Topic

There are ways to join a trending topic, and that’s simply by posting a popular content item, or by having your business participate in something that is working online. Most recently, it was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Although it would have seemed like this approach might have faded quickly, it kept steam for a long while, and maintained traction as individuals pledged their friends and businesses to also participate, almost forcing it’s continuum.

How to Find a Trending Topic

Finding a trending topic is as simple as scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, or visiting YouTube and looking at their popular videos. You can see how many people are viewing most videos and posts, and will also recognize if it has staying power based on the amount of your own individual friends who are also re-posting the same content.

From there, simply repost this item to your page. Although it won’t offer your business unique content, it will get you in the spotlight on the newsfeed, and have people viewing and sharing that content from your page.

Don’t Fear the Trend

Coming up with a unique idea grants you an opportunity to be a trendsetter yourself. Business owners often don’t want to veer too far off the beaten path as it pertains to unique marketing ideas, but by thinking outside the box, you could create a video that could generate hundreds, thousands, or even millions of views.

Social media has truly reinvented the wheel as it pertains to marketing and exposure for businesses, so being a part of that is an imperative tool in your branding and digital marketing agenda.

At Net360 Solutions, we understand the power of trending topics and how social media can help get your business seen by your local community and beyond. Allow us to help you set the stage for your social media site, and increase your likelihood to be a part of a viral-capable news feeds.

Call us today to help you take your business to the tipping point, and become a trend others follow!