We completely understand that outlining your products and services are key components to your online content. Having a crisp, clear, and eye-catching description of what it is you offer is vital – yes.

When we say “redirecting the spotlight”, we simply mean that you need to take the spotlight off of only what you offer, and redirect it in a manner that displays what you offer FOR your clients. “What’s in it for them”? As much as people need to know what it is you’re selling, they also need to feel compelled to use you as their service provider or merchant from whom they want to purchase from.

Marketing in 2014 is about telling a story. Appealing to the heart-strings of customers. Growing your community of buyers by truly caring about what they want.

Old-school marketing no longer appeals to a new generation of buyers, or even – frankly, the ones who came before them. We are all knowledgeable consumers at this point, and we don’t like to be “sold”, we prefer to be welcomed into an environment where we choose our products and services based on who you are as a company, as a business owner, and as a community leader.

Your services and products matter to you – the seller, but how you are going to ensure these products and services do what they say they will, or offer above what they say they can …these are now the “selling features” …not simply what a product or service “contains”, but how you are going to add to and back up those things.

Guilty as Charged?

If your content contains a lot of “me” statements, it’s likely you are talking about your products or services too much. Your content needs to be driven towards “you” statements …”how can we help you?”.

That being said, at Net360 – we can help you increase your profit share by creating an appeal to the masses in modern and effective ways.

An engaged audience is an audience more likely to return to your site, visit your store, and utilize your products or services because you made them feel valued, and didn’t simply talk about the value of your business.

Marketing has taken a personal and even an emotional turn, where we now attract business through emotion, not tactics. Although one might argue that this is a tactic in itself, if done correctly – you are honest in you motives, and your costumer-base will prove that.

Respect Breeds Loyalty

Respecting others will have them being loyal to your company. Buying from you, looking to you for their service needs, and referring you to others.

Word of mouth now goes far beyond the neighbour next door, and the group of moms at their kids’ local school …with social media, word of mouth can have a widespread effect. So offering a little extra can truly go a long way in today’s marketplace.

At Net360, we are here to help. We truly hope these blog posts have further enlightened you as to the wants of consumers as it pertains to modern-day online marketing, and we hope that we can help you use these tools to enhance and build your business alongside you. We look forward to it!