Marketing usually requires a lot of time, effort and financial backing. However, with digital marketing you can now sidestep a lot of the hefty costs usually involved with traditional marketing, so long as you know where to put your efforts, and how to apply them.


As with any type of marketing, you want a rapt audience. Potential buyers who are tuned into what you have to say and the products or services you wish to sell.


As such, because buyers are using digital media as a means to view and even purchase their products, ensuring that your website is current and can function on devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, televisions, and can translate on social media sites also, is an imperative part in staying with the trend for 2014. Trends that are not going anywhere any time soon.


Location Location Location

Ensuring your business has a Google+ account, and can be easily found via Google Maps is all part of the “quick and easy find” digital marketing process. People no longer stop at the local gas station to ask for directions, rather they head straight to their cell phone for straightforward instructions on how to arrive to their destination of choice.

Statistics show that 91% of adult mobile phone owners have their devices within arm’s reach 24/7, so make sure your customers can find you within that arms reach method as you delve into your digital marketing in Langley.


Social Social Social

Where once Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn were the reigning champions as it pertains to social media sites, rising in popularity are now Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.


Statistics show that social media is an integral part of the marketing process; with 93% of marketers saying it’s imperative. As with many forms of online marketing, social media is no dying breed. Your presence is requested for at least one of the aforementioned social media sites in order to stay connected with potential customers.

Content Content Content

Digital marketing is all about relevance, as online users look to businesses that reflect their personal choices and buying habits. Geo and psycho-graphic targeting is gaining momentum daily and with each purchase a consumer makes.


Pinterest is just once example of using a source that can target your audience and have them purchasing your products from an external and cost-effective source.


Visual Stimuli

Videos have the ability to convey a message in a way that trumps the written word. Utilizing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for your videos, can alter and increase your users end-behavior …so tapping into this type of marketing is key for 2014.

At Net360 Solutions, we’re here to provide you with the solutions to execute these valuable marketing trends – trends that are not going away any time soon. So jump on board, and watch your business increase!