Digital Reputation


Having a hard time finding free images from a stock photography site that are worth using? Unsplash is a website containing a variety photos, which they offer a “have-at-er” policy, providing high-resolution images that are there for your consumption – for free!

Their licensing information indicates that these images are also free from any copyright protection, which gives you carte blanche to all of the images on their site.

There is a “limit” to free though. With a subscription to their site, you receive 10 new images delivered to your email, and these images are delivered every 10 days.

Admittedly it is a bit of a hunt to uncover the images you might need on Unsplash, or to wait for them to show up in your inbox. There is no actual way to search by category, so understand that “free” might cost you a bit of time.

Other free stock photography, video and image creation sites to consider…

–       New Old Stock – offering vintage photos that – again, are stated as having no copyright infringements. What’s old is new again, so pick and choose at will.

–       PowToon – isn’t a stock photography site, but they offer a way for you to create videos for free. A huge engagement tool in the digital marketing arena.

–       Canva is your creation station for creating both web and print images. From blog graphics, to social media images, to your own personal business cards …this site allows you to be a graphic designer without the hefty student loan.

–       Piktochart is an amazing tool for creating infographs. If you are a “Pinterester”, this might be of interest to you, and worth considering for creating charts that capture your audience’s attention.

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We look forward to hearing from you, and helping your business grow!