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It’s not only about what you write that gets people to your website, it is also about how you write it. Google is looking for well-written content in order to award you an optimal position on their search engine, and in an industry that is growing daily, keeping up with the ever-changing demands is key.

So …How Does Google Know What’s “Well Written”?

Firstly, they know based on who is arriving on your site. The amount of time your viewing audience is spending on your online location, the number of pages they are viewing, and where they are coming from …all plays a role in this “well-written” agenda.

Whether your social media pages are effectively pushing people to visit your site, or your newsletter has a hand in the process …the more outside portals that people are using to get to your “stuff” – the better!

But …I Can’t Write, Now What?

We get it. Business owners are far too busy selling, fixing, providing and overseeing in order to write pesky content on a daily basis. Don’t let that fact deter you from being part of a very important process in the marketing arena. Generating business without having an online presence is getting more and more difficult, so having someone maintain your site and social media pages is imperative. And if you hire the right kind of digital marketing company, it’s not as bothersome or costly as some might think.

Then …Who Is the “Right Kind” of Digital Marketing Company?

Simply put …the right kind of digital marketing company are the ones who are NOT promising you anything. We know that sounds like an awful approach, but honestly – anyone who is PROMISING they can get you on Page 1 of Google, simply is not being honest. There is no way to guarantee this on a consistent basis, but there are other ways to help business owners gain success online.

Your online presence is a tool, that – when used correctly, helps you build relationships, creates a call to action, and achieves sales.

What We CAN Promise You About Digital Marketing…

  • Digital Marketing is one of the MOST targeted ways to market your business
  • Digital Marketing is consistently more effective and less costly than traditional marketing
  • Digital Marketing increase sales, allows prospects to find you more easily and helps you retain your customer base more readily

At Net360 Solutions, we aren’t here to make grand promises that – frankly, no digital marketing company can keep …but we are here to offer you results driven solutions. So call us today and let us know how we can help you use your online words effectively!