Marketing Material

Digital marketing delivers a variety of platforms that are always in flux. Whether it’s your social media sites where you are offering to-the-minute promotions, your email marketing campaigns that are deliver product and service advice, or your actual website that provides newly updated blogs and other such Google-worthy content, digital marketing requires refreshing regularly for more than one reason.

No matter if you are a brand new start-up company, or you are a longstanding staple service provider within your local community – staying fresh is an imperative part to keeping current in today’s marketplace, and helps ensure you don’t fall behind the competition through regular online conversations, incentives and updates.

Ways to Refresh Your Online Content
The Lower Mainland has had an unusually long winter, followed by our current torrent of a rain-filled spring, so getting people excited for and anticipating a sunny summer is an excellent marketing decision for any local company.

Whether you are offering products or providing a service, delivering tips, trends, life-hacks and other such share-worthy details, will have your current and potential customers thanking you on your website comments section, liking your social media pages, and sharing your content with their peer group too.

Ways to refresh your online content includes…
– Update all online images to ensure they are seasonal, creating a sense of ‘happy’
– Deliver seasonal sales – both current and upcoming to lock down an ongoing customer base
– Provide incentives that relate to the season, giving people a reason to use you now and in the coming summer, and share your service incentives with friends
– Write content that has people anticipating sunny days and gets them in a buying mood
– Create a conversation that will have your online audience talking, sharing and participating

At Net 360 Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing effective solutions for our customers. Our locally operated business reflects upon a local-minded audience who want to build their digital marketing in a way the delivers results. So …are you ready to get refreshed?!