Digital Marketing Basics

It has been said that consistency is king, and when it comes to digital marketing – we couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it is truly the basics that will help your business retain customers and also gain new ones, and although some could argue that going outside the box is the new consistency, there isn’t anything wrong with some basic models of doing business. In fact, they are beneficial.

Social Media and Old School Ethics

The online world has the tendency to turn normally nice people, into rude individuals – but often by default. People don’t always realize that the online world is the modern “face-to-face”, so not responding to a message – in whatever form it may come in digitally, is truly like walking away from a person who just said something to you. For the most part, each and every message sent to your social media platforms should be responded to, which is something Net 360 Solutions is helping our clients with via ‘Response Marketing’, as we understand how time consuming it can be – but also how important it is!

Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

Email marketing tends to be one of those things that people push aside, making social media their frontrunner for reaching clients. But this shouldn’t be the case. The “drip affect” is still important when it comes to any marketing, ensuring your customers – and potential customers, see your brand and hear your story from various angles in places they visit, including their inbox. Even if they delete it every day without reading the contents, seeing your company name pop up regularly is a subconscious reminder, and when they are in the market for your product or service – guess who will be top of mind? You will!

Keep Your Website Current

Your website content is an imperative part of search engine optimization (SEO). How people find you will largely be about your online presence, and a huge part of that is your website. So not only should your website be current, including ensuring your site is mobile friendly, it should also be regularly updated and offer consistent blogs that deliver relevant information about your business, and “what’s in it for me” information for your customers.

If you’re a local business looking for a local digital marketing company who can handle these 3 important 101’s for you, Net 360 Solutions is here to help and we look forward to doing so.