keys to digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most popular (and dare we say – effective!) methods for being seen in today’s marketplace. Whether individuals are Googling your address, scouring your blog for a better understanding of your company, or checking out the promotions on your social media sites – digital marketing is an absolute must within a company’s marketing mix. Which is why Net 360 Solutions wanted to offer you these 5 …

…Tips to Make Your Digital Marketing Sizzle!

1. Employ ‘Peer Group’ Online Reviews
Whether seeing a review via Facebook, or reading a comment on your website’s reviews page, people are looking to their peers, as well as the general public, to see what is being said about your company. This is the new form of ‘word of mouth’ and works like a charm!

2. Ensure You’re Properly Present on Google Maps
More than ever, individuals are using their handheld devices to direct them to their point of destination, which is why it is imperative you have setup a Google My Business account, and ensure your location is properly marked on Google maps.

3. Socialize Online
Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are some of the most popular social networking forums businesses are using as part of their marketing mix – and rightly so. These industry-leading giants are where people go to socialize online, which is why it is important that your company is part of some form of social media in order to stay current and be seen.

4. Go, Tell It On the Mountain
…or, in an email. As in – email marketing. Which is also a great tool to keep your business brand in front of your buying audience, and offer a continual reminder of your promotions and services that can enhance a consumer’s reality.

5. Blog It and They Will Come
Some companies have a misconception as to what blogging is. From a business standpoint, basically it is an additional place on your website to help with SEO efforts, as well as a place to create a tone for your company. Because a website is essentially toneless, having a place such as a blog is a perfect area where you can display the personality of your company, and/or promote your products & services benefits and promotions.

A good SEO (search engine optimization) services and website design company can have a substantially positive impact on your bottom line, by driving targeted traffic to your business and helping to convert that traffic into buyers. We hope this information has been helpful to you, and that when you decide on a website design and SEO services company to work with, that you will consider choosing Net 360 Solutions.