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Technology is not a far-flung “wave of the future”. Rather, it is a current reality for those running a business and looking to improve upon that business for 2018. Which is why Net 360 Solutions would like to expand on the topic of website improvements, and how they can increase your business in the year ahead!

The Importance of Localizing Your Website Maintenance

Buying local isn’t just a fad that is running its course, nor is it propaganda delivered in an attempt to improve your local economy. It is actually an important part of running a business in a way that allows you to tailor your company needs in a manner that is convenient, understood, and prompt.

Hiring a local Digital Marketing Company – such as Net 360 Solutions – can help you affordably update your website and keep it humming along with current marketing measures and implementations as they happen.

Whether you have a social media promotion that needs a 24-hour turnaround time, or require regular blog content that appeals to a local market – we can help, and in doing so, assist in helping your company increase your business for 2018!

Why Mobile Friendly Websites are Paramount

We can’t speak to the importance of a mobile friendly website enough. With over 84% of Canadians using the Internet to conduct their shopping, planning, and mapping of destinations and buying decisions, you do not want to lose out on this massive market of buyers by not being accessible through a mobile device.

Consumers are endlessly on the go, which lends itself to them using their handheld devices to seek the information required for daily products and services required; and by ensuring your business is available on these devices most used by consumers, you can also better ensure increased business for 2018!

If you have yet to invest in a mobile friendly website, Net 360 Solutions can affordably create a solution to this business roadblock, and ensure your website is ready for an improved year ahead.

We offer a no charge consultation and free analysis of your current website, as well as design ideas for your company website that will ensure it isn’t being outshone by the competition …simply because have an online presence you do not.

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