call to action

Christmas shopping no longer entails browsing store shelves for hours while tackling throngs of people to do so. Modern consumers now turn to their handheld devices to make their buying decisions, and within that – their social media pages.

The Buying Influencer of Social Media

Today over 64% of buying decisions are based on social media exposure, according to Crowdtap. Whether browsing for inspiration through sponsored ads and posts, looking to celebrities for what they are recommending on their social media sites, or perusing which business and products peer groups are choosing – social media is a massive factor you shouldn’t factor out when implementing your Christmas marketing plan.

Blog About It to Maximize Buying Decisions

In addition to social media staples like Facebook and Pinterest, blogs are also a big influencer in buying decisions, with over 55% of shoppers researching products and services via the written word.

So whatever it is your business is offering – create a Christmas spin to a blog post (or two) about it, add a promotion within that, and provide a must-have call to action somewhere in the mix too.

How else can you create a social media ‘call to action’ Christmas?

Start Fresh – Ensure that the photos associated with your social media set the tone for the season, enhancing all your images to give them a white-space Christmas appeal.

Hashtag the Holly Out of Your Social Media – Be sure to use hashtags on all your social media sites, maintaining a consistent theme with particular hashtags associated JUST with your store. Mainstream hashtags are important, but so too are unique ones that stay consistent with your brand.

Create an Offer – What better way to help prompt a call to action than by providing an unbeatable deal. Christmas is usually the peak season for businesses, most of which are making 20% of their revenue in just this one month. So utilize the added revenue, and ramp up your marketing budget to maximize sales potential.

Help Create Memories – One of the biggest marketing tools in the marketplace of ideas, is playing on the heartstrings of consumers. Displaying images and videos that will appeal to the Christmas memories and spirit of the masses, will help add nostalgia to buying decisions and create “must-have” appeal to your call-to-action objectives.

Be a Wish Granter – Perhaps your company is in the position to make a difference in an individual’s life, or even throughout your community. Have your staff come together to create an idea about how you could grant a wish for someone, or for your entire community – and watch the viral nature a feel-good moment can create!

At Net 360 Solutions, it is our passion to help local businesses succeed, so give us a call and find out how we can help you do so quickly and affordably this Christmas season!