Responsive Website design

Did you know that the online world is only 2 decades old? Created in 1997, the inter-web is used by the masses to research, purchase, play and stay in touch with the world, and is merely in its early adulthood of creations – which is why mobile sites are still emerging.

Approximately 1 million mobile sites were created as of 2007, with a predicted 150 million or more expected by the end of 2017, leading us to ‘Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Imperative’ if you are a business owner – helping you stay part of the modern marketing model that will result in business growth.

Consumers Are Mobile, You Need to Be Too
Over 3 billion individuals worldwide use a mobile device, whether to call, text or shop – they are on their device all day every day. So by not having a mobile-friendly site, it means that your business will not be able to be properly found or utilized by those looking for you on their phone, tablet, and other such mobile means utilized on the go.

Google reports that over 50% of all Google searches are now done by mobile devices, therefore having a website that is not compatible with mobile devices results in over 50% of potential buyers having been lost.

Don’t get lost in the crowd when setting up a mobile site is easier and more affordable than you might think, resulting in…
– Convenient access to your business online, helping to increase your sales
– Consistent brand awareness
– Being competitive with the competition …if you can’t be found, you can’t be utilized

Overall, having a mobile-friendly website compatible with mobile devices will better allow you to maintain your branding, reach your buying audience, stay ahead of or at least competitive with the competition, and bring you into the fold of the other 150 million mobile ready companies.

Your website runs at all hours, 24/7, so make sure it isn’t turning away potential customers simply because it is not a mobile-friendly site.

Stay current with the help of Net 360 Solutions; a local community of digital marketing experts who have helped hundreds of companies grow their business online. We provide online business solutions that include digital marketing, social media marketing, website design and reputation management.

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