As Spring is well under way, businesses and individuals alike are busy working on many renewed online marketing ideas. Which is why Net 360 Solutions wanted to offer these tips on why and how you can continue to ‘Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Platforms’.

Spring Clean Your Website
Having a current and well orchestrated website is an important first step when opening, expanding or rebranding your business, and there is a lot that can be done to maximize your results.

Giving your website a facelift with fresh images, offering a season-specific theme, and thinking up new taglines that will resonate in a current manner with your online audience, can all offer quick and easy ways to refresh your site.

In addition, reviewing your website pages to see which ones are having high bounce rates or really not being visited due to a lack of links or general interest, can also be addressed or even eliminated if they are not providing value to your site.

Lastly, look at your website through a mobile device to see if it is formatted correctly, as a large part of visitors are now using their handheld devices to view your site – so it needs be compatible in order to maximize on your results.

‘Spring Board’ Actions for Your Social Media Platforms
‘Spring Board Actions’ include such things as ensuring your social media posts are being laced with links back to your website, with 60-80% of your posts, blogs, tweets and videos providing your audience with links to read about or see more on your products or services.

As well, be seasonally accurate with your images and take stock of what people are liking or sharing; based on this – consider adding more of what works and letting go of what doesn’t.

Freshen Up Your Email Marketing
Again – think seasonal and update your email marketing campaigns with a sense of “renewed life”, giving your services a fresh purpose for your end-users. Simple tweaks like spring images, motivational taglines, and promotional incentives can be all that is needed to breathe new life into your eNewsletter.

At Net 360 Solutions, we have helped many businesses throughout Greater Vancouver – including Surrey, Langley, and Abbotsford – to substantially grow their business online with our progressive business web solutions that include: SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Website Design. So if you would like to have a local digital marketing company review your site and offer you fresh perspective – give us a call at 604-510-0011 to quickly and affordably freshen things up for the remainder of spring!