Video Marketing

A lot of times small business shy away from video marketing thinking that it will be too costly or too time-consuming – but neither needs to be the case. In fact, we wanted to share with our reading audience these creative tips on how to create ‘Video Marketing for Small Businesses in 3 Easy Steps!’.

Tell a Story

Instead of making your video a sales pitch, which most people will usually tune out anyway, create a story that will describe your business while engaging your potential customers.

Engaging stories most often involve a human-interest piece. Why your company started (passion), how you help your community (purpose), who your service has impacted – and other such life-touching events.

Stories people can relate to are the ones that become viral on social media, and having a viral video in your hands means a ton of potential marketing exposure online as users begin to share it among friends, which allows the video to take on a life of it’s own and becoming what’s known as “viral”.

Share a Story

Having others tell your story is also a great way to get your customers involved, while showing potential customers that you are a well-liked company. Buyers are much more likely to take the word of an outside source referencing a business, over a business simply stating who they are, what they do and how they can service their customers. So if possible – have your customers share their story.

Create a Musical

Not literally. But when you combine the right visual aids, text and music, it can be a cost friendly and effective way to create a concise :15 to :30 video that people will take the time to watch.

With the right mixture of visuals, trending music, along with humorous and relatable content, people will pass this along on their social channels and it will create it’s own self-propelled windfall!

At Net 360 Solutions, we are happy to provide you with Video Marketing. Join one of the fastest growing marketing trends with an online video and let the power of video take your business to a whole new level.

Our Video Marketing services include:

  • Pre-production consultation
  • On-site filming
  • Post editing
  • File uploading

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