Feeling a little “challenged” as a local business owner right now? We understand! Although we are in uncertain times, one thing is for certain – there are millions of people online right now browsing the internet so there is no better time to make sure your business is highly visible!

Whether you’re a business seeking innovative ways to develop new revenue streams, or looking for creative ways to streamline your online audience interactions, or maybe you’re prospecting for new leads to generate business once things turn around; Net 360 Solutions offers digital marketing solutions that can help your business thrive – while generating effective longstanding benefits in the process!

Here are ‘6 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive Right Now’…

1.A Company Website is ALWAYS Accessible – Maximize Your Reach

A company website combined with digital marketing has always been an excellent way to reach a broad audience, offering an accessible way for your customers to utilize your services, purchase your products or seek your advice 24/7/365. When done correctly, this combination is an incredibly cost-effective medium that offers factual feedback via a variety of reports you can access.

In addition, every business NEEDS to be mobile-friendly now more than ever, as this is key in creating a positive experience for your audience, and allows them to access your website from any device in their home.

According to Market Research Firm Solidea Solutions 2019 survey, people check their phone more than 96 times per day – that’s once every 10 minutes, and that number has likely grown – especially in our current reality. With so many people spending a huge amount of time online there’s never been a better opportunity to get your business in front of such a large audience!

Let us help you maximize your online reach. We provide many affordable options that will get your business noticed!

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2. Create a Call to Action + Collect Valuable Information

“Be the first to be notified once we’re back open!” “Sign up for our current specials!” “Receive our online class schedule!” “Book a virtual consultation!” …these are all call to action terms, which prompt people to submit their email address to you while becoming part of your prospective customer base.

Giving end-users clear instructions on how they can benefit from signing up brings each contact closer to becoming a customer, and right now businesses have a unique opportunity in capturing a captive audiences attention.

The majority of us are working AND playing from home, and are on our digital devices more than ever. So utilize this time to collect valuable information such as email addresses, laying important groundwork that can truly pay off.

3. Compelling Content + Effective Landing Pages

Ensuring you have compelling content, which is conveyed efficiently via blog posts that lead to accurate landing pages, is an effective and important way to generate potential leads.

That being said, in 2015 Microsoft detected that a person’s average attention span is only 8-seconds. Which is why quick, concise and effective content is needed to ensure you are attracting and retaining someone’s attention long enough to get them to take action.

Our local content writers are skilled at creating interesting and concise content that helps convert prospects into leads.

From setting up a professional website, to creating a tailored and effective digital media marketing plan, we’re here to help! Net 360 Solutions is a local company located in Langley. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their sales using proven online marketing strategies, and we can do the same for you! Contact us today and lets talk about a strategy for your business.

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