Content teams at the head offices of corporate giants, scramble daily to maintain the lead role on “the Google”. Online marketing gurus worldwide, all clamber to keep up with the ever-changing rules of Google, to ensure they maintain top spot on a daily basis of this search engine mogul.

From optimization of websites, to social media maintenance, to blogging with keyword content …and beyond, sometimes these efforts still don’t display the ROI a lot of businesses hope to see on the bottom dollar of their marketing budget.

“Performance” is not always a cut and dry matter. Although online content can be measured a lot more accurately than other traditional marketing, there is still a large window for that unknown ROI that includes brand recognition, the courting stage while waiting on the client buy-in, and the tipping point from onlooker into buyer.

Every business -no matter if they are a corporate leader, or a mom and pop shop on the corner- wants to make money. As such, they want to ensure that the money they spend in marketing is well spent, and brings them a return for said investment.

In a recent study of over 300 participants it displayed that, generating leads and turning those leads into sales, were both on the top spots of “wants” from businesses. However, from all of these same businesses polled, they were not doing their due diligence with their content marketing portion of the marketing pie.

Today’s online marketing landscape is robust, and with so many abilities and angles you can take your content in, ensuring you do so in an accurately impactful way is key. That being said, if you arm your online marketing team, who is representing you, with a well-defined agenda, they can better spearhead your online content.

Necessary Knowledge Would Include:

> Your businesses core values, products and services

> Who you want to be known as, as a company in general (your story …not one that sells your products, but displays your service-centric agenda)

> What you are willing to offer …things like coupons that can be executed on your behalf on your Google+ account, and then advertised for you on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and displayed on YouTube for its creative concept

These small but added pieces of information, will allow your online marketing professionals to spearhead your online content in a way that matters to the public. It will increase your online efforts, add to your exposure, and create a more optimal ROI in the end.

Be sure to check back for our next blog, where we will discuss how you can internally uncover your “core values”, and then lend that information to your SEO specialist.