Did you know that 85% of your online presence is dependent on “organic links”. Meaning, when people filter into your site through another means such as social media outlets …Google takes note.

As a business owner, the message most SEO company’s will drive home to you is that you need to be first on any Google search page. However, standing out against the competition is both a content issue, as well as the need to stay current with online marketing “trends”.

The current lineup Google is taking stock of is as follows:

–       Your website and the content therein

–       Google+

–       Your Blog

–       Facebook

–       Twitter

–       YouTube

–       Pinterest

Apart from having a presence on those sites, it is also imperative to stay current and active on them. Creating content that is

–       Relative and Relevant

–       Fresh

–       Viral

–       Keyword Rich

For most small businesses, they don’t have the time to maintain this steady stream of content. That’s where we would like to help. We have the staff and expertise to keep you current and cutting edge in the online marketplace.

Allow us to help you create your authority online, within your various social media platforms of choice. The results will speak for themselves!