Algorithms – What They Are and Why They Matter

google algorithms

Algorithms. Have you ever wondered what they are and why they matter? If so – Net 360 Solutions would like to answer that question for you!

What Are Algorithms?

Algorithms are defined as: “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.”

Why Do Algorithms Matter?

These problem-solving operations matter as they are a part of your computer learning landscape. Every time a customer conducts a Google search, the search engine seeks to put the most relevant results in front of buyers.

In essence, these technical powerhouse ‘parts’ – if you will, is your own mini-marketing team. If you create your website content, social media marketing, and digital platform as a whole correctly, these “problem-solving operations” can work well for your business.

Teaching an Algorithm to Solve Problems

Overall, an algorithm seeks to solve its own problems – along with the viewer’s “problems” as well; otherwise known as buying decisions or prompters.

The problems are solved by running through a number of processes, set out by certain rules. Although the program is computer-based technology, there is still a human element involved in the creation stage.

An algorithm can dictate:

  • What shows up on your digital device after you conduct a Google search
  • Which posts appear on your social media platforms

Although some might consider this to be an “invasion of privacy”, many others like having their lives digitally streamlined to expedite the search process.

As of 2021, Facebook algorithms are comprised of a hierarchy of rankings that include:

  • Recent nature of posts
  • Popularity of content
  • Content type

Facebooks algorithm dictates which posts individuals see in their newsfeed based on a search history, which will update every time their newsfeed is refreshed.

As a business, it should be noted that Facebook rewards content most engaged with. The more enticing the ‘click bait’ – the more likely the result.

In addition, how often you post is important. ‘Recency’ is measured, so having a consistent presence matters.

Walking a fine line between allowing an algorithm to lead customers to your content, and ensuring they feel as though your content is transparent – makes a big difference to buyers. As long as they don’t feel they are being “sold” vs. informed (as to why your product or service may enhance their lifestyle), customers will most often respond in a positive way.

Know that both Google and social media platforms update their algorithms quite frequently, so although this is the most current ‘formula’ – it often changes.

As a digital marketing company in Langley, we are here to help our customers spearhead the ever-changing online platforms. As a small business ourselves – we understand the nature of working locally. We are here to provide an affordable marketing team to help you stay current, keeping ahead of the trends so you can focus on your customers, while we focus on getting them through your business’s digital door!