Video Marketing

How To Get Your Message Across Quickly With Video Marketing

Today’s consumers are busy savvy shoppers. They are not easily sold on a product or service simply by using a lot of fancy descriptive words or appropriately places punctuation. Rather, they are looking to utilize businesses that are often local, socially conscious, and can quickly tell them “what’s in it for me” without giving them

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Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies for Summer

Summer is a beautiful time for families and friends to enjoy gatherings around the BBQ, head off to the beach for a swim, or just generally enjoying the warm weather around the Lower Mainland. However, for local businesses – summer can be a little lackluster as it is often a much slower buying season. Which

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Treat Your Website Like Your #1 Employee

Business owners, especially small/independent/local business owners, tirelessly seek out the right employees to represent their business. But have you ever considered your website as an employee? We’re here to tell you why you should, in fact, Treat Your Website Like Your #1 Employee! Your Website Speaks for Your Business As a receptionist is to any

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Changing Online Window Shoppers Into In-Store Buyers

Having a website where people can come and look at your products or services is an imperative part for the modern consumers buying process. However, moving them from being an online window shopper into an in-store buyer is obviously essential to the return on your investment within digital marketing efforts – and we’re here to

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Value of digital marketing

Digital Marketing and the Value of Change

Change is not always well received by business owners, but as it pertains to digital marketing, companies need to be able to value the ever-changing landscape it comes with. After all, changes to the online world are usually intended to help market businesses and assist their grow – if done right. Which is why ‘Digital

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Setting Your Social Media Scene for the Season

Setting your social media scene for the season plays an important part in staying current online, and a lot of people think it’s simply Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and other such social mediums that make up “social media”. But did you know that your website’s business blog is also a part of this social storefront?

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Email Marketing

The Underutilized Impact of Email Marketing

With a big focus on using social media for marketing, email marketing sometimes gets overlooked, yet this shouldn’t be the case. Which is why Net 360 Solutions would like to help our reading audience understand ‘the underutilized impact of email marketing’, and why it is still important to utilize it! Top of Mind – Still

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Social Media Marketing

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Musts

Whether you have taken on the social media marketing challenge for your business yourself, or you are looking to outsource it to local experts such as Net 360 Solutions; these are the ‘Top 5 Social Media Marketing Musts’ that we want our reading audience to know. Create Goals Your goals should involve eliminating challenges; whether

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Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing 101 – Getting Back to the Basics

It has been said that consistency is king, and when it comes to digital marketing – we couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it is truly the basics that will help your business retain customers and also gain new ones, and although some could argue that going outside the box is the new consistency, there isn’t anything

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Facebook Algorithms

What’s the Deal With Facebook Algorithms?

Much of digital marketing jargon sounds Greek to most people, and the term “Facebook Algorithms” likely sounds like full-blown babble. But when it comes to marketing your business, it is important to know how things are working for your business and why. Which is why Net 360 Solutions wants to explain “What’s the Deal With

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