case study

Why Kellogg’s Won the Cereal War During the Great Depression

Across business types, the first 2-3 months of the New Year are consistently difficult times to muster up business. This is largely due to the fact that consumers have spent their readily available disposable income over Christmas. However, pulling back on your marketing budget is truly the worst thing a company can do, and why

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LinkedIn usage

How To Use LinkedIn to Brand Your Business

LinkedIn is one of those “far flung” social media outlets not a lot of small businesses tap into. As with any social media setup and maintenance, it can be daunting to get started, and time-consuming to keep on top of. Which is why Net 360 Solutions would like to help our readers and clients map

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Online Storefront

Reviewing Your Online Storefront for the Year Ahead

Keeping your online presence fresh is paramount for an effective website, which is why, with a New Year ahead, business owners should take stock of their online storefront and ensure it is offering a prevalent presence. What Is a Prevalent Presence? Your prevalence, or popularity on any given search engine, is largely based on your

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improvements to website

Website Improvements That Can Increase Business in the Year Ahead

Technology is not a far-flung “wave of the future”. Rather, it is a current reality for those running a business and looking to improve upon that business for 2018. Which is why Net 360 Solutions would like to expand on the topic of website improvements, and how they can increase your business in the year

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social media trends

The Predicted Evolution for Social Media in 2018

Social media is still in its infancy as it pertains to the World Wide Web as a whole, so knowing what it is going to look like as it matures, and what that means to business owners utilizing its massive reach is important. Which is why Net 360 Solutions is here to help you better

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Image Is Everything

When it comes to your online presence, image truly is everything. Whether you have a poorly constructed site with little to no images, or a newer site with massive image files that are unknowingly taking up a vast amount of time loading on a potential customers device, both are an area of concern. Research Shows

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call to action

Top Social Media Enhancements for a ‘Call to Action’ Christmas

Christmas shopping no longer entails browsing store shelves for hours while tackling throngs of people to do so. Modern consumers now turn to their handheld devices to make their buying decisions, and within that – their social media pages. The Buying Influencer of Social Media Today over 64% of buying decisions are based on social

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Efficient Marketing Campaign

When Is the Best Time to Use Email Marketing?

Email Marketing can be used to effectively keep in touch with prospects, helping to generate sales, and offer an excellent way to maintain that ‘top of mind’ position with your customers. Which is why the answer to ‘When Is the Best Time to Use Email Marketing?’ is – ALWAYS! Email marketing is a powerful tool

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Cyber world

Staying on Top of ‘Real Time’ in the Online World

With school back in session and businesses gearing up for a busy season ahead, knowing how to optimize your online presence in the best way possible plays an important role in your ROI. Part of an optimized website – especially as far as Google is concerned, is staying on top of your ‘real time’ content,

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