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SEO …Got Game?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s most often referred to as, is an ever-changing entity. Regardless of the changes, and the efforts of every SEO company to stay ahead of the curve (or curse) of such changes, SEO is an imperative part of your online presence. Here are the

Google > shifting from Places to + (Plus)

Google is by far the most popular and frequently used search engine in the world. Millions of people use Google’s search engine every day to help them find the information they need. Not only that, but Google is constantly tweaking and testing their search engine algorithm to ensure they give

Social Networking …A Widening Net

All online socialites are well aware of the not-so-new guilty pleasure known as Pinterest. This third largest social medium is no small player via the online social scene. Pinterest is reigning in a user base that continues to grow, and should not be a force that is ignored in the

Staying Relevant In An Every-Changing (Web) World

Whether your business is new to the online genre, or has had an online presence for some time now, Net360 Solutions ensures your site stays in step with the trends that affect your Google ranking. In August and September of 2012 alone, Google made 65 updates to their algorithm processes,

Online Marketing …The Makings of Success

Online Marketing …The Mix That Works Modern business owners know that having an online presence is an essential part of their marketing mix, as it offers an additional buying outlet for their customers. However, there are factors to consider when creating your online marketing campaign, factors that enable your “mix”

Marketing Trends Making The Team

By now, most business have added online marketing to their company’s marketing mix. There are few-to-no other marketing options out there that offer the efficiency, reach, results, and feedback that online marketing can offer a business owner. At Net360, we take pride in educating our clients about the importance, and

Blog it and they will come…

What is blogging and why should a business participate in a blog? Blogging is essentially a well-crafted, well-written, online diary of thoughts and ideas. Short articles intended to generate a following of interested and qualified readers. Businesses cannot only gain creative exposure through this medium, but they can also increase

Pinterest – The Latest Interest (in social media)

Pinterest is immerging as a frontrunner on the social media scene. But what is Pinterest you ask? Essentially a modern-day, online scrapbook for anything and everything from: recipes to photos to clothing to children’s craft ideas. You name it; Pinterest likely has a board for it. Businesses are starting to

Social Media – Survey Say’s…

A new study shows that – a quarter of Canadian business owners haven’t recognized the benefits of social media, and how it fits with their business prerogatives. The Leger Marketing Survey -conducted on behalf of UPS- found it more likely that – young companies with over 500 employees, are more

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