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The Rate of Conversion

Online conversions are an important part of our business. If all you have is just a bunch of online window shoppers, we haven’t done our job effectively. Rather, we want to not only gain you exposure and enhance your branding efforts, we also want to take your online audience to

Net360 Solutions

Creating an Effective Website

The web is a tool you can utilize to attract and gain a larger audience, which extends past your local postal code and into the global arena. As such, we try to help our clients understand how to effectively use this tool to grow their business. Brand recognition and front-of-mind

Digital Media

Your website is your first point of contact in the digital arena for your clients or pending clients to view your business. A website offers an online place-of-business for people to come, look, read, and experience your product or service in a way they can -ideally- experience. Firstly, one should

What’s In It For Me …the age-old adage

  Ah yes. The age-old question of selling any product or service to a consumer. At the end of the day everyone wants to know …”what’s in it for me”? What do you offer them that they can’t get for half the price from a large chain department store or

Online Promotion …timing is everything

Online promotions are a great way to build an audience and create some viral material surrounding –said- promotion. Choosing an optimal buying time is also key in this process. No matter if you are a local company, or sell to a global marketplace, your online presence can bring you customers.

The Key to Keyword Searches

Did you know that Google’s request for the keyword “SEO” returns over 35 million search engine results? Yes …MILLION. That is why it is imperative to have a diversified array of keywords associated with your product or service. There is a myriad of SEO companies out there all vying for

Give Back …Get Back

From Safeway to Petro Canada, Chapters to Starbucks …everyone seems to have a loyalty program. Loyalty programs tell your customers that you appreciate the fact that they choose to buy from your store, and you offer them a reward in return. But there is a variety of ways for small

Boost Your SEO …with social media

Did you know that 85% of your online presence is dependent on “organic links”. Meaning, when people filter into your site through another means such as social media outlets …Google takes note. As a business owner, the message most SEO company’s will drive home to you is that you need

Being Fashionable AND Functional …with your email marketing

Email marketing has been around for quite some time, and a lot of businesses continue to send out the eNewletter that has “always worked” for them. But does that newsletter continue to engage your audience? To get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, ensure your content is current,