Social Media Marketing


From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to YouTube – and beyond – social media is an imperative outlet in which to keep your online audience engaged, aware, and active with your business. However, adding value to those efforts is also important, and turning onlookers into buyers is imperative in order to grow your business.

Facebook is a great example of how you can use a social media outlet to convert “likees” into end users. In fact, Facebook has a fancy algorithm reporting system that gives you vast insight into how well your content is doing as far as engagement, and couples that with offering you tools to target a specific audience through their Facebook ads.

Modern Marketing & Facebook Ads

Facebook ads were once a fairly annoying and obvious “sidebar” to your daily newsfeed and homepage. Now Facebook ads appear right in your newsfeed stream, and are specifically targeted to an individuals preferences. They have taken marketing to a whole new level with their tactics, and the public is feeding nicely into what might have seemed like a an easily detected ploy in other marketing realms, in addition to being fairly impossible or incredibly costly in the traditional media sector (advertising to highly specific end users).

Your Business & Social Media

Often businesses dance around the use of their social media, and shy away from promoting their product or service – thinking they have to keep their content light and trend-based. Alternately, there are businesses that plaster brand-heavy content onto their social media sites, and exhaust their audience with company rhetoric.

Neither of these approaches are an effective use of your social media platforms.

Your social media content should include coupons and promotions, newly released brands or specialty services, limited time deals and discounts, and other such call to action content. Add to this industry-related tips, advice and resources, will better ensure your audience is interested in what you have to say, and not nauseated by it.

The rule of the “social media thumb”, is that your content is: 70% trending topics relevant to your customers, 20% is content generated by your audience (re-posts), and 10% should be promotional.

As a business looking to target end users while still maintaining a friendly flow, use your social media as a go-to resource for quick tips and links offering helpful information. This will translate into shares, likes and ultimately – end users.

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