email marketing


Designing effective email marketing campaigns, is something a lot of business owners strive for. But with so little time, and the constant demand of day-to-day operations at your company’s storefront, it can be difficult for business owners to really sit down and create an effective email campaign – month in an month out.

What Makes an Email Effective?

An effective email does not make itself. Rather, you have to truly put some creative thought behind the emails you want to send to your customers and subscribers alike. From the subject line, to the content, to the call to action …it all has to flow and lead your readers from their inbox, to opening your email, to (ideally) clicking though to your website.

Designing your emails in such a way that prompts your readers to act, is very important. Whether it’s printing off your latest coupon, following a link to your Facebook page or YouTube channel, or sending them on to your website …however you can prompt them to continue unveiling your value driven content, it must be done!

At Net360 Solution, we know that email marketing is a powerful tool that provides results. In fact, email and e-newsletter marketing are considered the second most effective tool for generating conversions, followed closely by other digital marketing tools.

With email marketing, you can generate business from new or existing clients, raise company awareness, and build great client relations.

Our Email Marketing Services Include:

  • Custom website form(s)
  • E-marketing review & strategy
  • Monthly management
  • Tracking statistics & reports


Our digital marketing team knows how to put together effective month-to-month email campaigns. We understand that a “must-read” hook in the subject line is imperative, and that value-driven content is necessary, and that a call to action is the expected end result.

Allow us to help you build your business through any one of our digital marketing services, and provide your clients with additional avenues to click-through – converting them into a customer.

Give us a call today, and let us know what kind of solutions we can provide for you!