Why Using ChatGPT is Detrimental for Search Marketing (SEO)

Detrimental for Search Marketing

ChatGPT emerged in late 2022, and since then – it has taken off like a rocket. But it can be detrimental for Search Marketing.

Although this artificial intelligence app has a variety of uses, it’s OpenAI has become a popular method to create documents of all kinds, brainstorm headlines for ad copy, and generate code for developers.

However, endless data has already emerged already, speaking to how ‘smart tech’ can impact your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are a variety of reasons why, and we want to share them in order to help our reading audience avoid making an error that can set their online presence back indefinitely.

Why Using ChatGPT is Detrimental for Search Marketing

Although there any many positive benefits for ChatGPT; as it pertains to digital marketing – particularly SEO, there can be detrimental consequences. Here’s why…

It’s Content That Lacks Substance

Although it may be eloquently written, much of the content provided within ChatGPT is redundant at best. It will appear ‘thin’ as per search marketing requirements, leading to little benefit for your site.

It Includes Some Black-Hat Tactics

‘Keyword stuffing’ is known as black-hat tactics. This type of practice was once used as a means to rank high in a search. However, search engines, such as Google, are wise to such hacks, and websites can be penalized using this approach.

It Provides Impersonal Content

A machine will write content that lacks personality because – that is exactly what it doesn’t contain, a personality. Writing to a specific audience requires knowledge, tone and depth, all of which a knowledgeable writer will speak to on behalf of your brand.

It Replicates Content

Searching for similar key terms can result in duplicate content on various websites. This is something search engines also frown upon, and it ends up giving little-to-no value to users.

It Provides Inaccurate Data

ChatGPT is not an all-knowing intelligence. It is merely and chatbot from which to generate ideas. Despite it sounding accurate, this is not always the case. Accuracy and being a trusted source of information is highly important for SEO purposes, and something AI does not currently or consistently generate.

Other areas Chat GPT lacks includes:

  • Tone
  • Strategy
  • Evolution of Algorithms

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