Businesses across the Lower Mainland are always seeking affordable ways to market and grow their business – so as a local digital marketing agency it’s our goal to keep on top of the latest and most effective digital marketing trends to help businesses grow … and to do so affordably!

Whether you’re seeking a digital marketing company to help you launch your website, or you’re looking to branch out your branding into social media marketing initiatives; having the right digital marketing solutions offered to your business through an affordable and trustworthy marketing company is imperative – and Net 360 Solutions is here to help you do exactly that!

Maximize Your Online Presence Via Social Media Platforms

Many businesses still aren’t fully grasping the influential magnitude social media sites can have for their business. From Facebook to Instagram, YouTube to Pinterest, there are many ways to get in front of the right audience in a cost-effective way, while building your brand, promoting your products or service, and ensuring you are top of mind when potential customers are making their buying decisions.

The age-old “word of mouth” is largely done digitally now, so ensuring you are a part of the platforms where others have the chance to chat about you – is vital!

Email Marketing Is Alive and Well

Email marketing is another service Net 360 Solutions offers, providing an excellent opportunity for small businesses to reach their buying audience, extend offers, and remind people of their presence – ensuring they are not lost in a crowd of their competitors by sheer lack of branding.

Even if a potential customer doesn’t open your email, they will still see your company name and a short – ideally impactful, subject heading. These type of online impressions are something the brain retains, which is why even the biggest brand names maintain their presence in every type of marketing arena.

User Friendly Websites Matter

Having a website that is mobile-friendly is also another imperative part of the digital marketing package. Without it, you’re missing out on – literally, the vast majority of people browsing online. We are an on-the-go society, and spend much of our time searching things out via our phones. So don’t miss out being found due to an out-of-date website, because it is far too affordable to employ our services and become a current part of the mainstream – catching customers who are looking to buy what you have to offer!

Curious to know more? It’s FREE to chat about your online goals …and we would love to have that conversation with you!