Website Solutions for Small Businesses: Why Attracting the Right Customer’s Matter

Website solutions for small businesses can make a big difference to your bottom dollar. Whether seeking to enhance your online storefront or wanting to attract more customers – choosing local matters to consumers now more than ever.

As a local digital marketing company in Langley, we help business thrive amidst ‘the clutter’. We understand our community and the businesses therein, and have helped many find their niche amidst the modern marketing mix.

Website Solutions for Small Business: Why You Can Trust Your Website Design to Net 360 Solutions

At Net 360 Solutions, we offer a variety of services. One of which being website design, with custom projects to include:

  • Project managers that will work with you every step of the way
  • Exceptional designers that will make your site stand out
  • Programmers that use the latest responsive techniques
  • Experienced team, having built hundreds of unique websites
  • A pleasant, non-rushed, well explained process from start to finish

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Is Your Business Attracting the Right Customers

It’s one thing to throw out a wide net in hopes of catching a variety of willing customers. It’s another entirely to cast a net with the right marketing material to attract the right customers.

Perhaps you have chosen other ‘discount business advertising’ to get a consumer through the door, only to discover they were only into the deal FOR the deal. Or perhaps you have been convinced about high-priced SEO tactics with the promise of a #1 positioning on Google.

Sadly, the tactics to attract business has many start and end points. But in the end – attracting the right customer will build trust, reputation and repeat business. As such, approaching your marketing in an honest and up-front manner will bring about the right results from the right people.

Keyways to Attracting a Lasting Customer Include…

  • Understanding your end-user …and then ensuring you are giving them a product and service that provides a solution or enhances their lifestyle accordingly
  • Offering a story instead of a sale …giving customers a product or service they can feel proud about, which will extend your reach far past the immediate consumer. Word of mouth is the jackpot of marketing in today’s society – mainly thanks to the viral nature of social media.

As discussed on Social Media Examiner – Customer retention is becoming much more important for a few reasons, not the least of which is the referral stage of the customer’s journey.” …and they are absolutely right!

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