Twitter usage

The terminology used within social media outlets are not always comprised of readily used terms. So understanding the language is important in being able to fully harness and utilize these platforms successfully.

Basic Twitter Terms

Tweet = Post

Retweet = Re-Posting a Tweet

Trending Topics – topics many users are discussing at any given time (often collected via hashtags)

Understanding Hashtags

Hashtags are a big deal on Twitter. They are a tool that allows any given word to be searchable using the pound sign ( # ) in front of any given word.

Twitter offers a dropdown list of trending words that are most popularly used via hashtags, so you can choose to customize your tweets that way, or create hashtags as you see fit in an effort to brand a word or phrase.

Example: #icebucketchallenge is something that took off quickly – known as “going viral”. That phrase would not have initially been a part of the dropdown list on Twitter, but quickly gained momentum and became it’s own tagline within a brand. You can do this as a business too with the right creative approach in hopes of having something go viral, and create your own hashtag in an effort that it will do so.

Rule of thumb is to only use two hashtags per tweet, as any more can be overwhelming and appear cluttered or even annoying, and deliver a “trying to hard” lack of appeal.

Following is the New Leadership

Follow a Twitter user in hopes that the do the same is the organic way in which to gain followers. Somewhat time-consuming, but targeted to who you want following you for your best RTI.

Leverage for Added Impact

Leverage your tweet efforts by posting them on other social media networks like Facebook and within your blog postings. This will maximize your efforts, and aid in your Digital Marketing agenda as well.

At Net360 Solutions we understand that the terminology surrounding Digital Marketing can be overwhelming – on Twitter and elsewhere. So we’re here to help you decipher it and/or offer you a hands-off service where you can affordably utilize it with only needing to understand the results of your company’s exposure.

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