It’s pretty amazing to know that the online reality we see today only began in 1997. Yet by 2017, it is projected that the 1 million mobile websites that were created as of 2007, are supposed to spike to a whopping 150 million.

This massive spike in continued growth is important for businesses to be aware of as they continue to update and upgrade their systems in order to stay current and applicable to their audience.

Further facts state that more than 3 billion people around the world use their mobile devices as a means to search the web for any given product or service they require, which means it is imperative that your website is set up accordingly in order to not miss out on this massive buying audience power.

The Importance of Mobility in Serving Your Local Community
These rapid changes in growth also relate to serving your local community, and it is important that you are mobile-capable in order to reach your buying audience.

If your website is not compatible with mobile devices, then it’s likely that anyone searching for your type of product or service and who end up on your website, will not find your website very user-friendly. This greatly influences the online experience for your website visitors, and as such – influences buying decisions negatively.

Business Smarts vs. the Smart Phone
Smart phones are simply a handheld computer, and studies show that more than 40% of people are using this technology to go online, a minimum of once a day, to make a purchasing decision.

So if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are possibly missing out on up to 40% of your potential customers.

Not only that, but Google announced that it will give preference to mobile-friendly websites on mobile search. Couple that with another announcement from Google that said searches done by mobile devices have now surpassed searches done by desktop computers, and you can quickly see why having a mobile-friendly website is critically important for businesses.

The good news is that there are quick, affordable, simple solutions to this problem, and at Net 360 Solutions – we provide them!

As a business owner, you can have your website changed from an “unfriendly” mobile website, to a completely mobile-friendly compatible website within a short time-frame – and at an affordable price.

Be sure you’re website isn’t turning away potential customers just because it’s not mobile-friendly, or that you’re not being found higher on Google searches as a result. Stay current with the help of Net 360 Solutions – your locally sourced digital marketing experts!