The Value of Adding Interactive Content to Your Website

Did you know there is value in adding interactive content to your website? Not only does interactive content provide visitors with tools to engaged with your brand and gain information they deem important, but it also helps YOU gain valuable insight into your viewers.

Whether offering a calculator for websites such as realtors, investment companies or even tax services, providing a personality test for employment service or dating companies, or delivering ‘how to’ videos to your viewing audience – the options for interactive content are plentiful.

In fact, a report from Wyzowl discussed how interactive videos are increasing exponentially in popularity. And rightfully so, as their data also showed that viewers who interact with videos have a 591% increase in their activity on websites.

Video may very well be one of the easiest immersive experiences, delivering interactive content that provides results with minimal time and cost involved.

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Additional Examples of Interactive Content

Still unsure how interactive content might work for your business? Here are some additional examples of interactive content:

Quizzes – are another manageable way to offer interactive content. They are fun and easy to share, creating the opportunity for viral content and brand exposure.

Both Quiz Maker and Survey Monkey offer the tools to create and share quizzes effectively.

Polls – are another popular method of interactive content, which are used often on social media platforms. They allow for consumer feedback, audience information and purchasing preferences, giving you insight into your customers and offering them the value of having a say in your products or services.

Contests – are an excellent way to attract people to your brand and gain visibility, while doing both quite quickly.

Liking, sharing and tagging people in social media posts is one of the fastest and most effective ways to build your brand and your platform. If you are looking to build your audience in a positive way – this is an excellent choice for interactive content.

If you have not yet begun your journey into interactive content, 2021 is the year to do so – and Net 360 Solutions is here to help. Contact us for a free website analysis and cost breakdown for your digital marketing plan. We look forward to helping your build your brand, as well as your customer base alongside it!