Website redesign

Keeping your content fresh in the online world is an important part in being visually appealing to any giving audience, which includes refreshing your website design in order to ensure it is modern, mobile and search engine optimized.

At Net 360 Solutions, we provide Website Design and SEO services for the Greater Vancouver area, as well as throughout the Fraser Valley, providing digital business solutions including digital marketing, social media marketing and website design, and are well aware of the impact refreshing a website can have.

Re-Designing Your Website is Quick and Affordable
If your website has not been re-designed in the past few years, it’s important to give it a refresher, as both content rules and website appeal changes rapidly in the online world.

Your company website is your virtual ‘storefront’ and is often the first point of contact a potential customer will have with your business, and therefore it’s also where they will get any first impressions. From the written culture it will portray to the images it will display – among other things, it’s important that your website looks and functions professionally, attracting your buying audience accordingly.

Which leads us to the quick and affordable part, as we offer…
• A free analysis of your current website
• A no-charge consultation
• Design ideas for your new website
• A quote for your website re-design

Having a Website is Imperative
In the web-savvy world we find ourselves in 2017, there are still some businesses without a website, and if you fall into that category – it is imperative that you have one built ASAP.

In today’s marketplace, customers truly expect a business to have a website, because without one – you simply do not exist to the vast majority of the buying public seeking you out.

Advantages of a Professional Website:
• Over 84% of the Canadian population now uses the Internet
• Consumers expect a company to have a website and will look for ones that do
• A professional website will set you apart from your competitors
• A website is a powerful business marketing tool, available 24/7/365

So make sure your business is available online, allowing locals to easily find you before they turn to your competitors to fulfill their buying needs.

Get started today with a professional website built by our team of programming experts by clicking here!