With such a variety of social media outlets to utilize for your business, it can be difficult to know which one(s) to choose – especially if budget is a factor. However, you may be surprised to discover the affordable nature of add-ons – such as Pinterest – to your social media marketing portfolio, as well as the far-reaching benefits it offers in the way of branding, company product and service exposure, as well as generating website traffic.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Pinterest Opportunity
Next to Google, Pinterest has grown to be one of the largest search engines on the Web today. Individuals from all walks of life who are seeking ideas, solutions and purchasing opportunities are all just a click away.

The last Pinterest tally of users was over 150 million people seeking such advice, inspiration and information on any-given-thing. And although these vast number do not ALL apply to your specific company location, you can still opt to target the demographics and geographical area of your choosing.

Using Pinterest for your business is an excellent way to put your service or product in another limelight for a vast audience to discover, and Pinterest provides you with opportunities to promote a pin or create a contest for the objectives of branding, website conversation or creating an increased following through dynamic pins that people will opt to re-pin.

Also, unlike Twitter, Pinterest followers are in it for products and services, as apposed to the celebrity followers. People want to see cool products and hear about services that will enhance their lifestyle – so you have an audience actually interested in (your) business – and not just celebrity pleasure.

To re-cap, Pinterest will create an online social environment that will generate awareness for your business, provide a portal of engagement from other Pinners, and build traffic to your website so long as your pins are driving them in this direction.

At Net 360 Solutions, we want business owners to benefit from all there is to offer in the digital marketing arena, and utilize social mediums such as Pinterest to increase their SEO efforts also.

So give us a call and let us know how we can help you be a part of this ever-changing online landscape, and improve your marketing efforts to increase your customers!