Digital Story Telling

In the game of Monopoly, if you pass Go – you collect $200. In the real world, converting an action into a (positive) reaction isn’t always as simple, especially when it comes to converting an online viewer into an actual customer.

What’s In It For Me

Whether it’s traditional marketing or digital marketing, humans all desire to know – what’s in it for me? And that is a fair question.

More than ever, individuals want to know that there is value in what they are buying. Not just value that benefits their immediate need or want, but…

…value that extends to charitable donations through the companies they choose to purchase from.

…value in knowing they are purchasing sustainable products.

…value in the reassurance that their community is benefitting when they use your business.

Expose Your Value

When you have a story that relates to your value – don’t hide it! This type of information includes: whether your business donates to a charity, or is involved in the community, or produces sustainable and environmentally friendly products -as mentioned above- and this is all worth sharing as it extends value to your products or services.

Tell a Story

Content marketing is largely comprised of storytelling, and in order to do so – you have to arm your content writer withnewsy and human-interest pieces regarding what your company is involved in. This creates content that is engaging and holds value …and ideally converting your readers into customers.

Create Some Drama

Fiction writing offers some great suspense and intrigue methods, and can provide remarkable tools when cultivating content. This style of writing has the ability to gain attention and increase engagement.

Suspense Sells

Giving away your offer at the beginning of your blog, automatically provides your readers with the “what’s in it for me”, and doesn’t require them to stay on that page any longer. So hold off on the end story, build suspense, and ensure your readers are staying put until the end of your post – when you reveal the value you are extending to them.

Tone Matters

If your blog is written in a tone that tends to drone on, your audience will get bored. Engage your audience, entice them …but don’t insult their intelligence with menial adverbs, or hyped up and repetitive exclamation marks. Keep your content concise and clean, but still captivating.

If all this seems overly daunting to you – don’t worry, we can help. Net360 Solutions provides writing services to all our customers, and would love to assist you in capturing an audience, and converting them into customers.

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