Hashtags Benefits

The strategic use of hashtags is an important part of the process when utilizing them within Twitter, and also a growing benefit on Facebook as well. In addition, they can be utilized on Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram also, so understanding how to use them is very important within your social media mix.

What Do Hashtags Do?

Hashtags have the ability to expand your content reach and make further impressions of your brand, more aptly target your specific audience, increasing your SEO efforts …among other things we will expand on.

How To Brand Your Business With Hashtags

By creating your own brand hashtags, whether that is using your company name specifically, your tagline, or both – you then use this hashtag as a consistent “end statement” fairly frequently when you post, and encourage others to do the same.

In addition, if you are having a limited time sale, by creating a hashtag that others will also use, it generates additional reach and exposure to the Twitter audience, offering you additional branding efforts.

Short, Sweet, and Easy to Spell

Keeping your hashtag short is important as it needs to be memorable and easy to pass along without any incorrect spelling errors. So use more like a two-word hashtag, as opposed to a 6 words one with “and’s” and “the’s” joining your words together. i.e. #bigsale as opposed to #ourbiggestsaleoftheyear

Trending Hashtags

Knowing what is trending on Twitter will get you on the pages that are buzzing with these trends. Although one school of thought is that you might get lost in the mix of so much similar content, the other is – you never know who will pick up your trending hashtag and suddenly have one of your posts going viral. So there’s more good than harm in this process for certain.

Keep in mind that trending hashtags will leave as quickly as they appear, so if you want to stay on top of such things, you truly have to be at it consistently.

Currently only Twitter and Google+ offer trending hashtag topics, but these are easily transferred to other social media sites as they tend to be universal topics, not specific to any one outlet.

Hashtags.org is a great site to utilize in order to find trending topics, as well as ones on the decline, or alternately – ones that are consistently trending.

So to sum it up…

  • Keep your hashtag brand specific
  • Maintain short hashtags that are easy to remember and spell
  • Keep up on trending hashtags

At Net360 Solutions, we know the online community is a constantly changing entity, and we don’t expect busy business owners to stay on top of these trends. That is where we come in. So call us today, and allow us to help you stay current, be effective, and get inline with the online community!