Plan B: Strategizing Your Digital Marketing in Metro Vancouver for Summer

Strategizing Your Digital Marketing

As mentioned in our previous blog; Strategizing Your Digital Marketing is an important measure to take to ‘recalibrate’ the platforms that need revisiting and refreshing. Some may very well need more attention – which we want to delve in more on this post.

Prioritizing Your Online ‘Background Noise’ During Summer Break

The great thing about digital marketing, is that a lot of what is done is via static platforms, which are overseen by digital marketing companies such as ours. This allows our customers to go about their own business as usual, while we tackle the ins-and-outs of the digital world.

We understand that, when it comes to summer especially, many business owners and their employees like to go on vacation. So having your digital marketing platforms humming along in the background – matters.

Whether prioritizing social media boosted posts for your summer sales and promotions, or choosing to increase your blog posts to bolster SEO efforts over the summer months; having your platforms create worthwhile ‘background noise’ adds up, and Net 360 Solutions can help you do the math to maximize your return on investment.

Strategizing Your Digital Marketing

We recently wrote about 3 Ways to Advertise on Facebook: Social Media Marketing Services in Langley, mentioning how…

…there are a variety of methods to advertise on Facebook, these tend to be the main 3.

  1. Automated Ads – which allows you to choose your goal, decide on your contact method, target your key audience and get more traffic to your website overall.
  2. Create a ‘Backend’ Ad – providing you with the opportunity to create a call to action button including:
    • Call Now
    • Book Now
    • Contact Us
    • Get Directions
    • Learn More

…and other contact opportunities based on how you would like your customers to get in touch!

3. Boost a Post – this option lets you to choose any post you have created, and boost it according to your budget, as well as tailor the post to your target audience and timeframe.

As a Langley Digital Marketing agency, we provide our customers a variety of services that help you Strategizing Your Digital Marketing. This includes…

  • Email Marketing & Automation

–       Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

–       Video Production & Marketing

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