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Perhaps you thought your smattering of social media posts on Facebook – and possibly Twitter – were doing the sufficient job you believed was necessary for your Google search efforts. Well, we have a “contender” of sorts, or at least another socialite to add to your social media mix.

Pinterest is a social medium that has quickly gained momentum, both in popularity as well as relevance within organic searches. As such, Pinterest’s social reach is something we feel is well worth considering.

Although we have blogged about Pinterest (LINK) before, we thought we would give you a “refresher” on this social platform. Simply put, it is a social photo sharing website that has also been described as an online pin board. With more than 10,000,000 (yes, that’s 10 MILLION)) users, 2 million of them log in daily to share the information they find most appealing. Based on their own personal interests, they have the ability to share what’s known as “pins” onto their Facebook and Twitter accounts -among other sites- with a click of a button.

If you think your brand would not have a place on this platform, we encourage you to read on. By pinning images of share-worthy content, your visitors, prospective clients and Pinterest fan-base, are able to visually socialize amongst your organization. Of course, having someone who can create this creative content to attract such traffic is key.

As part of Net360’s well rounded reach, we understand the additional and imperative ways in which to expand your SEO, and ensure that this is added to your online media mix if you so choose.

5 SEO reasons why adding Pinterest to your web presence is an important consideration…

1. Be Present In Your Web Presence

As a business owner, you are well aware that branding is a primary objective in being recognized within your community and otherwise. As with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube (etc), Pinterest is another significant place to be seen and heard, and more importantly – shared amongst it’s millions of users. It’s an increasingly powerful tool that should not be neglected.

2. Google Knows

Google is indexing your Pinterest content, by recognizing your keywords, optimized Pinterest photo comments, as well as the photos themselves. All of this will and can impact your SEO rankings. A high ranking keyword can only do so much, so by extending your reach by utilizing all the arms the internet will allow, helps in these efforts.

3. A Bevy Of Backlinks

Whatever image you choose to provide on Pinterest, has the ability to backlink to your site. This is a valuable resource and can provide referral traffic, as well as social signals that Google picks up on. Without being self-promoting, you can prompt interest and create a lot of traffic to your site, blog, and other social media sites.

4. Don’t Be Social “Light”, Be Social “Heavy”

As it pertains to Google, social signals are an important factor in your rankings and search algorithms. Pinterest provides yet another opportunity for your visitors, prospects, and customers, to generate social signals (Tweets, Likes, Shares, Google +1’s, and now Pins). As such, Google see’s that your content is relevant, and this adds, once again, to your SEO efforts.

5. Image Is Everything

Pinterest’s main purpose is to share images. As such, you want every one of your images to spark interest and the desire to share your content. No matter if your business is a design and architecture firm, a real estate company, a product or service based company (etc), there is a myriad of images that you can share to spark such interest. Picturesque vacation spots that relate to architecture or the type of real estate around the world, people and places and event pictures that can then be linked to your product or services sites …the creative possibilities are endless if you have the creative backing required to grow this type of social status.

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