Don’t shoot the messenger, but yes – there are only ‘15 Friday’s ‘til Christmas’, and at Net 360 Solutions, we want to remind our clients about how your website can work for you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a years, and why having an effective, user-friendly, mobile-ready website is so important in order to keep this digital employee working at its best!

What Constitutes an ‘Effective’ Website?

At Net 360 Solutions, we offer standard website creations that include:

  • Custom Designed Website Pages
  • Professional ‘User-Friendly’ Layout
  • Programmed with ‘Google Friendly’ Language
  • Custom Home Page Banner
  • Contact Form & Business Location Map
  • Pre-Completion Website Revisions
  • 3 Custom Email Addresses if Hosted With Us

As well as website re-designs that include:

  • A free analysis of your current website
  • A no-charge consultation
  • Design ideas for your new website
  • A quotation for your website re-design

Along with these basic creations and re-creations, we also ensure you site is mobile ready, offers efficient ways for your customers to find you – such as Google Maps, and delivers effective outlets for people to uncover more about your business. Everything from current promotions to how your service or product can help those researching your company, all through your blog and social media extensions, along with easy-to-use contact forms.

What Constitutes a ‘User-Friendly’ Website?

A lot of businesses are still using outdated, flashy websites that utilize music or tons of popup windows, which drive viewers away quickly. We believe that a user-friendly website effortlessly engages your audience through a modern home page, offering an easy-to-read format, worded in a way that displays your company’s personality quickly. The overall idea is to engage, invite ad inspire customers to choose you.

Making digital marketing your personal elf also includes other areas such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Video Marketing
  • Google Marketing

At Net 360 Solutions, we have helped hundreds of companies grow their business online. We provide online business solutions that include digital marketing, social media marketing, website design and reputation management, and would love to help you maximize your online business potential!